Women’s and Gender Studies, Minor

Dr. Laura Michele Diener
Old Main 357/304-696-3643

Marshall University offers a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. It consists of 12 credit hours in courses designated as Women’s Studies Courses, including regularly offered courses as well as other popular special topic courses.

The program has the following major objectives:

  • To understand the unique contributions of women of all races, sexual orientations, and classes in a global context.
  • To complement the existing curriculum where systematic attention to women’s experiences and contributions is needed.
  • To encourage students to understand the subjective, gender and culture-specific nature of their values, beliefs and customs, and those of others.
  • To understand the historical and contemporary social mechanisms that promote or limit women’s development as full participants in society.
  • To use gender- and culture-inclusive language in written and oral communication, and understand language as a means of liberation or discrimination.
  • To promote the equitable treatment of all members of society.

Women’s Studies Courses

The following courses will always count toward a Women’s and Gender Studies minor. Please check the program website for frequency taught and faculty information. The website will also list Special Topics courses.

ART 404Iconography of Mary3
CJ 406 Bison image Race, Ethnicity, Class & Crime3
CJ 440CJ Response to Dom Violence3
CL 210 Bison image Love/War Ancient World (CT)3
CL 231 Bison image Women in Greek & Roman Lit3
CL 460Ancient Goddess Religions3
CL 471Ancient Sexuality3
HST 250 Bison image Women in US History3
HST 407History of Sexuality3
JMC 455Race Gender & Mass Media3
PHL 340 Bison image Sexual Orient & Gender3
PSC 419Women and Political Thought3
PSY 330Human Sexual Behavior3
PSY 430Psychology of Women3
SOC 455Sociology of Sex and Gender3
SPN 408Latin American Women3
WS 101Intro to Women's Studies3

The following courses count toward a Women’s Studies minor only when taught by approved faculty. Please check the program website or e-mail the director for a list of approved faculty.

ENG 240 Bison image African American Literatures3
ENG 242 Bison image Women Writers3
ENG 344Introduction to Film Studies3
ENG 41419th C British Novel3