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  • College of Business
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  • College of Health Professions
  • Honors College
  • College of Information Technology and Engineering
  • College of Liberal Arts
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  • Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Courses listed in this catalog are subject to change through approved academic channels. New courses and changes in existing coursework are initiated by the particular departments or programs, approved by the appropriate academic dean and/or curriculum committee, by the Faculty Senate, and the president.

Before the beginning of each semester, a “Schedule of Courses” is printed announcing the courses that will be offered by the college and schools. Copies may be obtained in the Registrar’s Office and at various sites on campus. Course schedules are available online at

Standardized Course Listings

All departments include among their offerings the following undergraduate course numbers and titles:

  • 280-283 Special Topics. 1-4 hrs.
  • 297-298 Instructional TV Courses. 1-4 hrs.
  • 480-483 Special Topics. 1-4 hrs.
  • 485-488 Independent Study. 1-4 hrs.
  • 497-498 Instructional TV Courses. 1-4 hrs.

Departments that offer practica and internships use the following undergraduate course numbers:

  • Practicum. 270-272, 370-372, 470-472.
  • Internship. 290, 490.


Abbreviation Description
PR Prerequisite
CR Corequisite
CR/NC Credit/Non-Credit grading
Lec-lab. Lecture and laboratory hours per week (e.g., 2 lec-4 lab. means two hours lecture and four hours laboratory per week).
Rec. Recommended
I,II,S. Offered first semester, second semester, summer.