Film Studies, Minor

Dr. Walter Squire

Course Requirements

To earn a minor in Film Studies, a student must complete at least 15 credits in approved Film Studies courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Other requirements:

  1. ENG 344 Introduction to Film Studies, a 3-credit course, is required.
  2. 12 additional credits in courses that focus primarily upon film or related art forms.
  3. Because this is an interdisciplinary minor, students must complete coursework in at least 3 academic departments or schools.
  4. No more than 9 credits in any one department or school.
  5. At least 9 credits must have been completed at Marshall University. Students may utilize up to six credits in Film Studies coursework completed at other accredited institutions with the approval of the Director of Film Studies.
  6. No more than 3 credits in independent study.
  7. 6 of the 15 credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.
  8. No credits taken on a credit/no credit basis.


Among the courses that may fulfill the Film Studies minor are the following:

ANT 365Anthropology through Film3
ART 315Intro to Photography3
ART 325Image Visualization: Digital3
ART 453Motion Design I3
CMM 239 Bison image Dev & Appreciation of Film3
CMM 441Dev Appr Film Since 19303
ENG 232 Bison image Good Films3
ENG 344Introduction to Film Studies3
ENG 440Selected Topics in Film3
ENG 442Gender and Sexuality in Film3
ENG 445Screenwriting3
FRN 417Contemporary Frn Film3
HST 4393
HST 447Film and Empire3
JMC 260Digital Imaging for JMC3
JMC 332Intro to Video Production3
JMC 432AD-PR Video Production3
JMC 434Advanced Video3
JMC 475Documentary Journalism3
JPN 250 Bison image Japanese Anime & Manga (CT)3
JPN 403Japanese Film in English3
MUS 219Digital Recording Techniques2
SPN 417Spanish Film3
SPN 418Latin American Film3
SPN 419Against Oppression SPN LA Film3
THE 111Introduction to Acting3
THE 201Crit Analysis Theatre Lit3
THE 240Stage Lighting I4
THE 354Stage Make-up3

In addition to the courses on this list, students may use up to nine credits earned in Special Topics courses, including Honors Seminars, and up to three credits earned in Independent Study to complete the requirement for the Film Studies minor, provided these courses have been approved by the Director of Film Studies for completion of the Film Studies minor.