University College

University College provides advising for undecided students, conditionally admitted students, some pre-nursing students, students enrolled in college courses in the high schools/early entry high school students and special admits. Undecided, conditionally admitted and pre-nursing students will be assigned a specific University College advisor. Advising is provided in a supportive atmosphere where students may obtain information regarding various majors and academic opportunities. Appointments are encouraged, but not required.

Conditionally Admitted Students

Marshall University offers a limited number of conditional admissions to entering freshman students whose academic credentials fall slightly below regular admission requirements. Students not meeting the requirements for regular admission should contact the Office of Admissions to inquire about this opportunity.

Conditional students are admitted to University College and are not eligible to declare an academic major. Students must meet specific requirements within three semesters to gain full admission to the university. Requirements include:

  • Attendance on the Huntington campus.
  • For students having Verbal ACT scores of less than 18 or SAT ERW 480, successful completion of required corequisite English course.
  • Successful completion of academic support class (UNI 100 Freshman First Class).
  • Completion of 18 earned hours with a 2.00 GPA (cumulative and MU).

Students will be assigned an academic advisor, who will guide them through their conditional requirements while enrolling in courses meeting general education requirements and recommended exploratory courses in majors of interest. Once all requirements and prerequisites are met, students are eligible to declare a major in a degree-granting college at Marshall University. (Note: Some majors and colleges require a separate application and have additional requirements for admission into their programs.)

Undecided Students

Advisors will work with undecided students to help them explore a major that meets their interests and abilities while enrolling in courses meeting general education requirements and recommended exploratory courses in majors of interest. In addition, students will be provided with opportunities to improve their student success skills and development of a career path. Students must declare an academic major upon completion of the 30th credit hour of coursework.

Pre-Nursing Students

Pre-Nursing students will be assigned an academic advisor who is knowledgeable of the nursing major and course requirements, as well as the nursing application requirements and application procedures required by the College of Health Professions. The assigned advisor will assist students in selecting required general education courses and will assist in the exploration of other health-related academic majors.

Early Entry High School Students

Under certain circumstances, high school students may enroll for college credit in their high schools, in college courses on a Marshall campus or at one of the regional centers. For requirements, see entry under the “Admissions” section of this catalog.

Transient Students (Students Visiting from Other Institutions)

Students enrolled in a degree program at another accepted, accredited institution during the previous year who would like to enroll at Marshall for no more than two consecutive semesters (excluding summer terms) can be admitted as transient students. See the entry under “Admissions” for further information. For assistance in enrolling in classes, transient students should contact University College by calling 304-696-3169.

Placement in English and Math

Students are required to obtain a Verbal ACT score of 18 (SAT ERW 480) to be eligible to enroll in college-level English composition courses. Students with verbal scores below 18 must enroll in a corequisite English course, ENG 101P Beginning Composition Plus, where prerequisite work is combined with college-level coursework.

Required prerequisites for math courses vary based on the individual course. The prerequisite for each course is noted in the Courses of Instruction section found near the end of this catalog. Students who do not meet the prerequisites for their required math course(s) may challenge their placement by taking an exam administered by University College in Smith Communications Building, Room 212. To schedule an exam and obtain information to prepare for the exam, please call 304-696-3169 or visit the University College website at

Academic Probation and Suspension Policy for University College Students

All Marshall University students are subject to the Academic Probation and Suspension Policy as defined in the “Academic Information” section of this catalog.

Early enrollment students have the same rights and responsibilities as on-campus students and are subject to the University’s Academic Probation and Suspension Policy.

Dismissal from University College

Students who are conditionally admitted to Marshall University must meet specific requirements within three semesters to gain full admission to the university. Failure to meet these defined requirements (see above) in the allotted three semesters will result in dismissal from University College and Marshall University. University College students may have the opportunity to appeal dismissal based on extenuating circumstances and appropriate documentation.


UNI 100 Freshman First Class1 Credit hour   

An introduction to the academic structures and expectations of the University including the E-portfolio process.

Attributes: No Textbook Required
Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 102 Strat for Academic Success1 Credit hour   

An academic enrichment course which provides students with strategies and practical experience for academic success. Topics to be covered include research skills, critical thinking applications, and effective study skills.

Attributes: No Textbook Required
Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 103 Career Planning Undecided1 Credit hour   

Designed for undecided college students. Explore career options and majors. Topics include interest testing, career information, decision-making skills, and job finding strategies. Course does not count toward graduation.

Attributes: No Textbook Required
Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 104 Adv Strat for Acad Sucess1 Credit hour   

Course provides practical strategies for assessing personal and academic challenges, honing critical thinking skills to make informed decisions, improving learning and time management skills, tracking progress toward personal goals.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 201 Peer Mentoring1 Credit hour   

Students trained as peer advisors will lead discussions, campus field trips and work with faculty advisors in the design and implementation of the freshamn introduction to campus life and classes. (Prerequisite: Permission of the Executive Director CAE or Dean of University College)

Attributes: No Textbook Required
Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 202 Introduction to Scholarship1 Credit hour   

Prepares students to participate on an active research team, with the guidance of (a) faculty research mentor(s), pursing a line of research.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 203 Scholarship Discovery3 Credit hours   

Engages students in original research that advances knowledge and seeks to improve community conditions.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 304 Scholarship of Application3 Credit hours   

Empowers students to synthesize information and knowledge gained from original research into a meaningful, coherent, and public body of work.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
UNI 400 Graduate School Preparation2 Credit hours   

This course will provide necessary steps, tools, and resources future graduates need in completing their undergraduate career and pursuing a graduate degree. Designed for students graduating within one year.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode