Addiction Studies, Minor

Elizabeth Pacioles

Instead of focusing strictly on treatment for addiction, the aim of this minor is to take advantage of the interdisciplinary structure of the university in order to incorporate the perspectives and expertise of as many faculty, students, and community members as possible. The goal is to create innovative thinkers on this issue in order to provide evidence-based models of dealing with possibly the biggest drug epidemic in world history. In addition to a focus on substance use disorder, approved courses for this minor may address behavioral addictions as well.

Students must take at least 15 hours of courses related to addiction (as approved by the Addiction Studies committee), in at least two disciplines, at least 9 of which must be upper level. Each semester additional approved courses are updated on the addiction studies webpage listed above.

Approved Addiction Studies Courses

HST 305Drug Wars3
SWK 260Substance Use and SWK3
CJ 340Drugs and Crime3
PSY 440Physiological Psychology3
HS 221Personal Health II3
BME 305Intro to Biophysical Measmnt3