Digital Humanities, Minor

Course Requirements

To earn a minor in Digital Humanities, a student must complete at least 15 credits in approved Digital Humanities courses with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Other requirements:

  • Students must take DH 201 Intro to Digital Humanities
  • 12 additional credit hours in courses related to Digital Humanities.
  • Because this is an interdisciplinary minor, students must complete coursework in at least 3 academic departments.
  • At least 9 credit hours must have been completed at Marshall University. Students may utilize up to 6 credit hours in Digital Humanities coursework completed at another accredited institution with the approval of the Director of Digital Humanities.
  • At least 6 of 15 credit hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above.
  • In addition to the courses on the following list, students may include up to 9 credits earned in Special Topics courses, including Honors Seminars, and up to 3 credits earned in Independent Study, provided these courses have been approved by the Director of Digital Humanities for completion of the Digital Humanities minor.
  • No courses taken on a credit/no credit basis can count toward completion of the minor.


Among the courses that may fulfill the Digital Humanities minor are the following:

ANT 464 Bison image Design, Planning & Health3
ANT 465 Bison image Disaster, Culture & Health3
ART 219Foundations: Frame/Time3
ART 318Art/Design for Websites3
CS 110Computer Science I3
CS 120Computer Science II3
DH 201 Bison image Intro to Digital Humanities3
ENG 263 Bison image Intro Digital Literary Studies3
ENG 408Writing in the Digital World3
GEO 110Basic GIS1
GEO 111Air Photos & Satellite Imagery1
GEO 112Smartphone GPS1
GEO 113Web GIS1
GEO 426Principles of GIS4
JMC 241Media Design3
JMC 260Digital Imaging for JMC3
JMC 361Digital Presence3
JMC 462Web Design for Mass Media3

The following courses count toward a Digital Humanities minor only when taught by approved faculty. Please check the program website or e-mail the Director of Digital Humanities for a list of approved faculty.

ENG 344Introduction to Film Studies3
ENG 440Selected Topics in Film3
HST 303American Military History3
HST 312 Bison image African-American History3
HST 437Seminar in Public History3
HST 438Stuff and Things in History3