Sexuality Studies, Minor

Dr. Shawn Schulenberg

Through the Sexuality Studies minor a new generation engages in research and understanding of a critical aspect of human experience. The minor offers students a greater understanding of the histories of, development of, and variations in sexual cultures, sexual identities, sexual discourses, intimate relationships, and sexual health. Foregrounding sexuality as a central, rather than peripheral, category of social and cultural analysis, it encourages students to apply the category across disciplines of cultural studies, history, literature, social sciences, and sciences.

A student may earn a minor in Sexuality Studies by completing Introduction to Sexuality Studies and at least 12 additional credit hours. Those credit hours must be earned in courses that focus primarily on human sexuality issues, with at least 3 hours from each of the following two categories: Literary and Cultural Studies and Social Sciences (Anthropology, Classics, Communication Studies, Economics, English, Fine Arts, History, Modern Languages, Political Science, Sociology); Behavioral and Natural Sciences (Biology, Psychology, Allied Health Professions, Nursing, Social Work). A student must obtain approval from the chair of the Sexuality Studies Committee for all courses the student wants counted toward the minor. No more than 9 credit hours can be earned in any one department. At least 9 credit hours must be earned in 300- and 400-level courses. No more than 6 credit hours in Independent Study courses can count toward the minor. No courses taken on a credit/no credit basis can count toward the minor. Up to 6 credit hours can be transferred from another accredited institution; such courses must be approved by the Chair of the Sexuality Studies Committee.

Some approved courses are below. The full list of approved courses can be found on the Sexuality Studies website at Note that all courses that follow, except the Introduction to Sexuality Studies, are approved for certain instructors only.

PSC/HST/ANT/ENG 280Special Topics (Introduction to Sexuality Studies)(Rotating faculty)1-4
CL 471Ancient Sexuality (Dr. Del Chrol)3
ENG 344Introduction to Film Studies (Special Section: Sexuality in Cinema)(Dr. Walter Squire)(Make sure you sign up for the section taught by Dr. Squire)3
ENG 43420th C American Poetry (Sexuality and the Beats)(Dr. Alan Gravano)3
ENG 455Advanced Critical Theory (Queer Theory)(Dr. Alan Gravano)3
HST 407History of Sexuality (Dr. Greta Rensenbrink)3
HST 408 (Dr. Greta Rensenbrink)3
HST 480/580Special Topics (Writing and Re-Writing the Norse Saga)(Dr. Laura Michele Diener)1-4
PHL 330Philosophy of Sex (Dr. John Vielkind)3
PSC 481/581Special Topics (The Politics of Gender and Sexuality)(Dr. Shawn Schulenberg)1-4
PSY 465Love Intimacy and Attachment (Dr. Keelon Hinton)3

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