Asian Studies, Minor

Dr. Anara Tabyshalieva

A student may earn a minor in Asian Studies by completing at least 15 credit hours from the courses listed below and/or any Special Topics or Independent Study courses that focus mainly on Asia and that have been approved by the Director of Asian Studies. No more than 3 credit hours from courses taken on a credit/no credit basis can count toward the minor. Up to 6 credit hours can be transferred from another accredited institution; such courses must be approved by the Director of Asian Studies.

Asian Studies Courses

HST 265 Bison image Modern East Asia3
HST 3783
HST 380Asia to 16003
HST 435 Bison image Modern Japan3
HST 436Modern China3
HST 4393
JPN 203Intermediate Japanese III3
JPN 204Intermediate Japanese IV3
JPN 304Premodern Japanese Literature3
JPN 315Advanced Japanese II3
PSC 4073
RST 206 Bison image Religious Traditions Asia3
RST 360Hindu Mysticism3
RST 361 Bison image Buddhism3