Latin American Studies, Minor

Dr. Chris White

A student may earn a minor in Latin American Studies by completing at least 15 credit hours from the courses listed below and/or any 300- and 400-level Special Topics or Independent Study courses that focus on Latin America and that have been approved by the Director of Latin American Studies. Since it is an interdisciplinary program, students are not confined to taking courses in one department; however, all 15 credit hours can be from a single department. Up to 6 credit hours can be transferred from another accredited institution with the approval of the Director of Latin American Studies. The director may allow up to 12 credit hours to apply if earned at a Latin American university during study abroad. No more than 3 credit hours taken on a credit/no credit basis may count toward the minor. A student must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the courses counting toward the minor.

Latin American Studies Courses

GEO 408 Bison image Geog of South & Middle America3
HST 301 Bison image Lat Am Discovery-Independ3
HST 302 Bison image Lat Am Independence-Pres3
HST 305Drug Wars3
PSC 411 Bison image Latin American Politics3
SPN 335 Bison image Latin Am Culture & Civiliza3
SPN 411 Bison image Pre-Modern Latin Am Lit3
SPN 412Contemporary Lat Am Lit3
SPN 413Lit Genres & Issues in LA3
SPN 417/418Spanish Film3
SPN 435 Bison image Contemporary Latin Am Culture3