Sports Business, B.B.A.


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The Core Curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking skills and introduce students to basic domains of thinking that transcend disciplines. The Core applies to all majors. Information on specific classes in the Core can be found at

Core Curriculum
Core 1: Critical Thinking
FYS 100First Yr Sem Critical Thinking3
PSY 201 Bison image  Cap graduation image Introductory Psychology (CT)3
ACC 215 Bison image Accounting Principles (CT)3
Core 2
ENG 101 Bison image  Cap graduation image Beginning Composition3
ENG 201 Bison image  Cap graduation image Advanced Composition3
CMM 207 Bison image  Cap graduation image Bus & Prof Communication3
STA 150 Bison image Foundations of Statistics3
STA 150L Bison image Foundations of Statistics Lab1
Core II Natural/Physical Science4
Core II Humanities3
PSY 201 Bison image  Cap graduation image Introductory Psychology (CT)3
Core II Fine Arts3
Additional University Requirements
ENG 204Writing for the Workplace (Writing Intensive)3
MGT 460 Bison image Strategic Management (Writing Intensive)3
STHM 496 Bison image Olympic Games (Multicultural or International)3
STHM 475 Bison image Capstone Seminar3
ENG 204Writing for the Workplace3
ACC 215 Bison image  Cap graduation image Accounting Principles (CT)3
ACC 216Principles of Accounting3
ECN 250 Cap graduation image Principles Microeconomics3
ECN 253Principles Macroeconomics3
FIN 323Principles of Finance3
LE 207Legal Environ of Business3
MIS 200Bus Computer Applications3
MIS 290Prin Management Info Systems3
MGT 218Business Quantitative Methods3
MGT 320 Cap graduation image Principles of Management3
MGT 460 Bison image Strategic Management3
MKT 340 Cap graduation image MKT Concepts and Applications3
Communication Studies Elective:
Select one of the following:3
Professional Presentations
Persuasive Communication
Group Communication
Superior-Subordinate Comm
Intercultural Communication
International Business Elective:
STHM 496 Bison image Olympic Games3
STHM 250Intro to Sport Management3
STHM 380Sport Marketing3
STHM 381Financing Sports3
STHM 390Sport MGT Pre-Internship3
or STHM 320 Sports & Campus Rec Mgmt
STHM 416Facility Design & Management3
STHM 475 Bison image Capstone Seminar3
Six credit hours of other STHM electives6
Free Electives to reach 120 hours25

Major Information

  • Students must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate. If any courses are used to complete multiple degree requirements or the student is required to take STA 150B or ENG 101P, the student may need a different number of free electives than what is listed above to reach 120 credit hours.
  • STHM electives can be any STHM classes not already required for the major. STHM 496, Olympic Games, may not count as an STHM elective.
  • STHM 496, Olympic Games, must be taken to meet the International Business elective.