Nursing, RN to B.S.N. Online Program

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission the applicant must:

  1. Be a graduate of a nationally accredited diploma or associate degree nursing (ASN) program (i.e., ACEN - Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing).
  2. Meet the general admission requirements of Marshall University.
  3. Have an overall Grade Point Average of 2.5 or higher on all college work.
  4. Satisfactorily pass a background check and drug screen through the background and drug screen company contracted by the Marshall University School of Nursing. Employer and other background checks and drug screens will not be accepted.
  5. Hold an unencumbered RN license1, if already licensed as RN, in one or more states or territories in the United States.
  6. Students applying for the program who are completing their associate degree/diploma upon application to the RN to BSN program must hold an unencumbered RN license1 prior to beginning the second semester of coursework or they will be withdrawn from the program.
  7. 1
  8. An unencumbered license has not been subjected to formal discipline by any Board of Nursing. This includes but is not limited to reprimand, revocation, probation, suspension, restriction, limitation, disciplinary action, discretionary review/hearing or encumbrance. An unencumbered license is a license that has no provisions or conditions that limit practice in any way. This applies to all current or past RN licensure in one or more states or territories.

Application Process

  1. Apply to Marshall University.
  2. Apply to the School of Nursing RN to B.S.N. program; additional information and form online at
  3. Send official college transcripts to the Marshall University Office of Admissions and Marshall University School of Nursing with attention to the RN to B.S.N. program.

Program Requirements

All Registered Nurse graduates from either diploma or associate degree nursing programs with fewer than 40 credit hours in Nursing will be awarded additional credit hours in Nursing up to a total of 40 hours upon successful completion of 12 credits of upper-level Nursing courses. Students must apply for the additional credit hours. All RN to B.S.N. students are required to meet Marshall University’s general education curriculum. Information about the general education requirements is available at In addition, RN to B.S.N. students must complete 3 hours of 200-level or higher statistics prior to taking nursing research (NUR 416 Intro Research EBP). A total of 120 credit hours is needed to graduate. See the following for numerical representation of program requirements:

120 credits (minimum required to graduate)
- 40 credits (nursing credits for RN - associate degree/diploma)
 80 credits remaining
- 28 credits RN to B.S.N. nursing courses (see below)
 52 credits remaining
- 3 credits for required statistics course at 200 level or higher
49 general education credits remaining

 Bison image - General Education Course

 Cap graduation image - Milestone course: a key success marker for your major. See your advisor to discuss the importance of this course in your plan of study.

Course Requirements

Nursing Courses
NUR 305Concepts in Prof Nursing4
NUR 318Family and Chronic Illness2
NUR 333Health Physical Assessment3
NUR 400 Bison image Transcultural Nursing3
NUR 410Community Nursing for RN5
NUR 416Intro Research EBP3
NUR 418Contemporary Nursing3
NUR 427 Bison image Prof Engagement Nursing5

 Bison image - General Education Course

 Cap graduation image - Milestone course: a key success marker for your major. See your advisor to discuss the importance of this course in your plan of study.

Semester Plan

Sample Plan for those taking nursing courses along with core requirements:

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredit Hours
NUR 305 Concepts in Prof Nursing 4
NUR 333 Health Physical Assessment 3
Core/elective 3
Core/elective 3
 Credit Hours13
Second Semester
NUR 318 Family and Chronic Illness 2
NUR 400 Bison image Transcultural Nursing 3
Statistics (200 level or higher) 3
Core/elective 3
 Credit Hours11
Second Year
First Semester
NUR 410 Community Nursing for RN 5
NUR 418 Contemporary Nursing 3
Core/elective 3
Core/elective 3
 Credit Hours14
Second Semester
NUR 416 Intro Research EBP 3
NUR 427 Bison image Prof Engagement Nursing 5
Core/elective 3
Core/elective 3
 Credit Hours14
 Total Credit Hours52