Pre-Health, Major

In addition to those courses listed under Core I, Core II and University requirements, the courses required for each major are on the suggested four-year degree plans. If you have any questions, please consult with your advisor. A Pre-Health student should work with his or her academic advisor to develop a plan to meet the academic requirements of the major of his or her choice. Suggested courses include:

BSC 227Human Anatomy3
BSC 228 Bison image Human Physiology3
CHM 205General, Organic, and Biochem3
CHM 211 Bison image Principles of Chemistry I3
CHM 217 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab I2
CHM 212 Bison image Principles Chemistry II3
CHM 218 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab II2
MTH 121 Bison image Concepts and Applications (CT)3
MTH 127 Bison image College Algebra-Expanded5
MTH 130 Bison image College Algebra3
PSY 201 Bison image Introductory Psychology (CT)3
SOC 200 Bison image Introductory Sociology (CT)3

Suggested Electives

ANT 201 Bison image Cultural Anthropology (CT)3
ART 407Tribal Arts3
BSC 250 Bison image Microbiol & Human Disease3
CD 101Intro Communic Disorders3
CD 241Intro Communication Science3
CLS 105 Bison image Medical-Lab Terminology (CT)3
DTS 202Introductory Foods4
Select a Statistics Course:3
Statistical Methods
Business Quantitative Methods
Introductory Statistics (CT)
Elem Behavioral Stat
Social Statistics I
GEO 100 Bison image Intro to Human Geography (CT)3
PH 105Intro to Epidemiology3
PH 101Intro to Public Health3
PH 270 Bison image Global Health (CT)3
HS 200 Bison image Comp Medical Terminology (CT)3
HS 220Personal Health3
HS 222Hlth Prov First Aid/CPR/AED3
HST 103 Bison image The World Since 1850 (CT)3
PHY 101 Bison image Conceptual Physics3
PHY 101L Bison image Conceptual Physics Lab1
SFT 235 Bison image Intro to Occup Safety (CT)3
SWK 203 Bison image Intro To Social Work3