Medical Imaging Radiography, B.S.


The Core Curriculum is designed to foster critical thinking skills and introduce students to basic domains of thinking that transcend disciplines. The Core applies to all majors. Information on specific classes in the Core can be found at

Core Curriculum
Core 1: Critical Thinking
FYS 100First Yr Sem Critical Thinking3
MTH 121 Bison image Concepts and Applications (CT)3
CLS 105 Bison image Medical-Lab Terminology (CT)3
Core 2
ENG 101 Bison image Beginning Composition3
ENG 201 Bison image Advanced Composition3
CMM 103Fund Speech-Communication3
MTH 121 Bison image Concepts and Applications (CT)3
BSC 228 Bison image Human Physiology4
Core II Humanities3
Core II Social Science3
Core II Fine Arts3
Additional University Requirements
Writing Intensive3
Adv Practice Medical Img (recommended)
Writing Intensive3
Transcultural Healthcare (recommended)
Multicultural or International3
Transcultural Healthcare (recommended)
Capstone (see advanced modality track)3
BSC 227Human Anatomy4
BSC 228 Bison image Human Physiology4
PHY 101 Bison image Conceptual Physics3
PHY 101L Bison image Conceptual Physics Lab1
CLS 105 Bison image Medical-Lab Terminology (CT)3
MI 201Intro to Radiography3
MI 202Patient Care Img Science3
MI 204Radiographic Anatomy3
MI 206Clinical Practice I4
MI 207Imaging Procedures II4
MI 208Pharmacology for Imaging Sci2
MI 209Intro to Imaging Equip3
MI 210Clinical Practice II4
MI 211Seminar Imaging Science1
MI 212Seminar Imaging Sciences II1
Area of Emphasis-Specific
Additional courses will vary depending on advanced modality track in fourth year.
MI 302Princ of Radiation Physics3
MI 303Image Acquisition3
MI 304Radiographic Pathology3
MI 305Clinical Practice IV4
MI 306Seminar Imaging Science1
MI 307Radiobiology3
MI 308Rad Image Analysis2
MI 309Digital Image Acquisition2
MI 310Clinical Practice V4
MI 311Seminar Imaging Sciences III1
MI 321Imaging Procedures III4
Advanced Modality Track
In Year 4, students in the radiography area of emphasis must choose one of the four advanced modality tracks:27-30
CT/MRI (27 hours)
Cardiovascular/Interventional (27 hours)
Mammography (27 hours)
Medical Imaging Management (30 hours)

Major Information

  • Students in the Medical Imaging Program must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 and receive a grade of C or better in all MI coursework.
  • All applicants must meet the professional guidelines established by the ARRT to sit for particular certification examinations.
  • By Year 3, students must choose to continue in the radiography area of emphasis or apply to the competitive sonography area of emphasis. This academic map outlines the curriculum for those who choose the radiography area of emphasis.

Four Year Plan

St. Mary’s School of Medical Imaging (SOMI) is a hospital-based program, partnered with Marshall University to offer a Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging. The program curriculum is designed to prepare students to practice radiography/sonography and introduce students to related specialized imaging modalities. The program can be completed in four years. Credentialed Radiographers may enter the professional portion of the program (fourth year) and also obtain the degree.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredit Hours
CMM 103 Fund Speech-Communication 3
ENG 101 Bison image Beginning Composition 3
MTH 121 Bison image Concepts and Applications (CT) 3
BSC 227 Human Anatomy 4
CLS 105 Bison image Medical-Lab Terminology (CT) 3
UNI 100 Freshman First Class 1
 Credit Hours17
Second Semester
BSC 228 Bison image Human Physiology 4
ENG 201 Bison image Advanced Composition 3
FYS 100 First Yr Sem Critical Thinking 3
Core II Social Science 3
PHY 101 Bison image Conceptual Physics 3
PHY 101L Bison image Conceptual Physics Lab 1
 Credit Hours17
Second Year
First Semester
MI 201 Intro to Radiography 3
MI 202 Patient Care Img Science 3
MI 204 Radiographic Anatomy 3
MI 205 Imaging Procedures I 4
MI 206 Clinical Practice I 4
MI 211 Seminar Imaging Science 1
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
Core II Humanities 3
MI 207 Imaging Procedures II 4
MI 208 Pharmacology for Imaging Sci 2
MI 209 Intro to Imaging Equip 3
MI 210 Clinical Practice II 4
MI 212 Seminar Imaging Sciences II 1
 Credit Hours17
Third Year
First Semester
MI 302 Princ of Radiation Physics 3
MI 303 Image Acquisition 3
MI 304 Radiographic Pathology 3
MI 305 Clinical Practice IV 4
MI 306 Seminar Imaging Science 1
MI 321 Imaging Procedures III 4
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
MI 307 Radiobiology 3
MI 308 Rad Image Analysis 2
MI 309 Digital Image Acquisition 2
MI 310 Clinical Practice V 4
MI 311 Seminar Imaging Sciences III 1
Statistics 3
 Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
First Semester
Core II Fine Arts 3
Advanced Modality Track 13
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
Advanced Modality Track 14-17
 Credit Hours14-17
 Total Credit Hours132-135