Exercise Science, B.S.

Admission Requirements

Prospective students must meet the minimum criteria listed below to be considered for admission to the program.

  • Admission to Marshall University
  • Declared Exercise Science as a major, including preferred area of emphasis

 Bison image - General Education Course

 Cap graduation image - Milestone course: a key success marker for your major. See your advisor to discuss the importance of this course in your plan of study.

Course Requirements

  • Courses in this category may not be completed under the credit/non-credit option.
  1. Core Curriculum
  2. Exercise Science Professional Core 79 hours
    BSC 227
    & BSC 227L
    Human Anatomy
    and Human Anatomy Lab
    BSC 228 Bison image
    & BSC 228L Bison image
    Human Physiology
    and Human Physiology Lab
    DTS 210Nutrition3
    ESS 215Intro to Exercise Science3
    ESS 345Exercise Physiology3
    ESS 375Fitness Assess & Exerc Prescr3
    ESS 386Adult Fitness3
    ESS 442Princ of Strength & Cond3
    ESS 443Prin of Strength Cond Lab1
    ESS 478Energy Sources Body Comp3
    ESS 491 Bison image Internship Exercise Science (minimum 6 credit hours required; maximum 12 credit hours)6-12
    HS 200 Bison image Comp Medical Terminology (CT)3
    HS 222Hlth Prov First Aid/CPR/AED3
    HS 365Functional Kinesiology3
    PSY 201 Bison image Introductory Psychology (CT)3
    PSY 223 Bison image Elem Behavioral Stat3
    PSY 440Physiological Psychology3
    Any 3-credit-hour developmental course 3
    Any 3-credit-hour ethics course3
    Any 3-credit hour free elective3
  3. Area of Emphasis (Students must choose one)
    1. Clinical Exercise Physiology
    2. Applied Exercise Physiology

Other Requirements

  1. Core Curriculum
  2. Must be at least senior status into the summer of the last academic year and must have completed ESS 375 Fitness Assess & Exerc Prescr prior to starting the internship experience (completions of ESS 386 Adult Fitness, ESS 442 Princ of Strength & Cond, and ESS 443 Prin of Strength Cond Lab are strongly recommended).
  3. Graduation Requirements:
    1. An overall cumulative minimum GPA of 2.50
    2. A C or better on all required coursework
    3. Minimum 120 semester hours


All students who complete this undergraduate program are eligible to take the following exams:

  • NSCA - CSCS, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • ACSM - CEP, Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist
  • ACSM - CPT, Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACSM - EP, Exercise Physiologist