Legal Environment (LE)

 Bison icon - General Education Course

LE 207 Legal Environ of Business3 Credit hours   

Law and the judicial system. The relationship of law, gov- ernment, ethics and the consumer of business enterprise. The study of contracts, torts, government regulation of bus- iness, environmental and consumer protection.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
LE 308 Commercial Law3 Credit hours   

A continuation of Accounting 207. Emphasizes in-depth case study of the law of commercial paper, business organizations security, and real and personal property.

Pre-req: LE 207 with a minimum grade of D.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
LE 351 Legal Aspts Hlth Care Org3 Credit hours   

A survey of basic legal problems facing a hospital administrator. The study of also includes constitutional and administrative law issues dealing with medicaid and medicare and regional planning.

Pre-req: ACC 207 or FIN 207 or FIN 307 or LE 207.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
LE 366 Entrep Law & Ethics3 Credit hours   

Students will examine the basic legal and ethical issues involving the creation, maintenance, and expansion of small businesses.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
LE 380 Tourism and Hospitality Law3 Credit hours   

A review of the statutes and regulations as related to the hospitality, entertainment, and tourism industries including hotel/guest relationships, franchise agreements, and commercial law.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode