Environmental Science, B.S.

 Bison icon - General Education Course

 Mortarboard Icon - Milestone course: a key success marker for your major. See your advisor to discuss the importance of this course in your plan of study.


General Education
Select 34-36 hours of General Education courses34-36
Core NRE Course
IST 150Spreadsheet & Database Prin3
MTH 140Applied Calculus3
CHM 211 Bison image Principles of Chemistry I3
CHM 217 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab I2
CHM 212 Bison image Principles Chemistry II3
CHM 218 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab II2
NRE 120 Bison image Discussions in Envrion Science3
NRRM 200Analytical Methods: Statistics4
NRE 220 Bison image Human Dimensions of Nat Res3
NRE 423GIS and Data Systems (waived for Specialty Agriculture majors)3
NRE 425Water Policy and Regulations3
NRE 490ES/NRRM Capstone Prep3
Select one of the following:3-6
ES Senior Capstone
ES Internship
Basic Science Requirements
Select one of the following or equivalent depending on emphasis:4
Living Systems
or BSC 120 Bison image
Principles of Biology
Select one of the following depending on emphasis:3-4
College Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
ES/AES Emphasis select the following:
The Dynamic Earth
and Earth Materials Lab
Upper-Level Science Requirements
Students must complete additional hours of 300- or 400-level coursework from the Chemistry, Biology, Geology, or Physics Departments as described in the requirements of individual Areas of Emphasis.23-30