Environmental Science, Minor

With global attention focused on environmental sustainability and limited natural resources, many students are interested in learning more about environmental science and pending environmental issues. This minor will offer foundational understanding of major concepts pertaining to ecosystem structure and function and impacts from human activity. The minor will allow students with interest in the field to apply the concepts in other disciplines, such as journalism, art or criminal justice. It will also provide opportunity for those not working in the area to better understand ongoing discussions on climate change and sustainability to be more informed citizens.

Students who wish to pursue a minor in Environmental Science will take 17 to 19 hours of Environmental Science credits covering major topics in the field. Courses will include:

NRE 320Nature Enviro Problems3
NRE 322Assess I: Terrestrial Systems4
NRE 323Assessment II: Aquatic Ecology4
Students will complete 2 electives selected in consultation with NRE faculty for an additional 6 to 8 credit hours.6-8
Total Credit Hours17-19