Nurse Midwifery

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Nurse-Midwifery (Offered in Cooperation with Shenandoah University)

Core and Related Courses at Marshall University (25 hours)
NUR 602Theoretical Found in NUR3
NUR 604Leadership in Nursing3
NUR 606Advanced Nursing Research3
NUR 608Issues in Health Care3
NUR 620Adv Pathophysiology I2
NUR 621Adv Pathophysiology II2
NUR 622Advanced Physical Assessment5
NUR 663Advanced Pharmacology I2
NUR 664Advanced Pharmacology II2
Advanced Practice Midwifery Courses at Shenandoah University
(14 credits didactic hours and 12 credits of clinical practice hours, a total of 26 credits)
NM 610Primary Care of Women2
NM 620Antepartal Care2
NM 612Women's Health2
NMLB 624Midwifery Practicum I 3
NM 640Comprehensive Perinatal Care3
NM 641Perinatal Complications2
NMLB 630Midwifery Practicum II4
NM 660Advanced Nurse-Midwifery Role Development2
NM 652Evidence-Based Practice Project1
NMLB 651Integrated Midwifery Internship5
Total Credit Hours51

Once the student has successfully completed his or her 25 credit hours at Marshall University, the student will transfer to Shenandoah University to obtain an additional 14 credit hours of classroom and 12 credits of clinical midwifery courses for a total of 26 credits. The student will spend one week at the beginning of each semester at Shenandoah and then return to rural West Virginia to be placed with a preceptor to obtain the clinical portion of the program. The student will continue to receive didactic material from Shenandoah midwifery faculty. 

Upon successful completion of the 26 credit hours at Shenandoah, the student transfers these 26 hours to Marshall University. The student will receive an M.S.N. from Marshall University and a certificate in Nurse-Midwifery from Shenandoah University. The student is then eligible to take the Certified Nurse Midwifery Exam from the American Midwives Certification.