School Social Work, Graduate Certificate

Admission Requirements

Who can apply for the SSW certificate program? 

  • Students currently enrolled in the M.S.W. program
  • Marshall graduates who have completed the M.S.W. clinical curriculum
  • M.S.W. graduates from other accredited programs
  • Graduate students from other programs may take courses from the certificate programs as CEUs or as electives with their department's approval. Transcripts will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Program Requirements

This is a 21-hour certificate program. To qualify for the national exam, certificate students enrolled in the certificate program are required to complete field placements in schools practicing school social work.


Course Requirements

LS 630The School and the Community3
SWK 657Prevent In School Sw3
SWK 670Adv Theory & Pract Child3
SWK 656SW In School Settings3
CISP 520Intro to Exceptional Child3
SWK 673Family & Community Violence3
SWK 681Suicidology3
Total Credit Hours21