Physical Therapy, Dual Degree: D.P.T. and M.B.A.

D.P.T./M.B.A. Dual Degree Program 

The D.P.T./M.B.A. dual degree program is offered by the College of Health Professions-School of Physical Therapy (SOPT) and the Lewis College of Business (LCOB). The dual D.P.T./M.B.A. degree will enable students to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) degree from the School of Physical Therapy and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the Lewis College of Business in four years. 

The program is designed for physical therapy students who seek knowledge and experience in business administration to propel their physical therapy career. Many physical therapists find themselves in supervisory, managerial, or practice ownership without having the requisite knowledge of accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, finance, decision-making, information systems, business policy, and strategic planning. 

Combining a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPTI and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in a dual degree program will prepare students for health care leadership positions and will set Marshall University graduates apart from their peers by providing them with business acumen. 

Opportunities for D.P.T./M.B.A. graduates include: 

  • Physical Therapy department Manager 
  • Executive positions in the health care industry 
  • Leadership positions in the American Physical Therapy Association 
  • Private practice ownership 

Students admitted to the D.P.T./M.B.A. program will complete the first two years of the D.P.T. curriculum, plus three foundational courses in business (e.g., accounting, economics, finance). Dual degree students will then "step out" (educational leave of absence) of the D.P.T. curriculum to complete a one-year MBA curriculum. Students will then return to the School of Physical Therapy to complete the third year of the D.P.T. program. 

Admission Requirements

  1. Students interested in the dual degree (D.P.T./M.B.A.) will indicate interest as part of the PTCAS application. Students must satisfy all the requirements of the regular D.P.T. admissions process. 
  2. Students accepted into the D.P.T./M.B.A. program must successfully complete the first two semesters (Year 1 -Summer and Fall) of the D.P.T. curriculum with a minimum of 3.0 GPA or higher on a 4.0 scale. Students who have been on academic or professional probation are not eligible for the dual D.P.T./M.B.A. program.
  3.  Students must apply to the D.P.T./M.B.A. dual degree program no later than December 1st of their first year of the DPT program.
  4. Students will be formally accepted into the dual degree program at the start of the spring semester of the first year and will be scheduled for foundational M.B.A. coursework in the summer of Year Two of the DPT program. 

Plan of Study

PT 700Gross Anatomy for PT5
PT 710Clinical Skills I3
PT 750Foundations of Phys Ther2
PT 761EBP I2
PT 701Neuroanatomy4
PT 711Kinesiology & Biomechs in PT3
PT 720Advanced Clinical Physiology3
PT 731Clinical Skills II3
PT 741Medical Pathology in PT I2
PT 751Legal & Ethical Issues in PT2
PT 712Motor Control & Develop in PT3
PT 732Therapeutic Exercise3
PT 742Medical Pathology in PT II2
PT 744Med Pathology in PT III Neuro3
PT 781Orthopedics in PT I3
PT 790ICEs in Physical Therapy I1
PT 713Outcome Measures in PT2
PT 747Pharmacology in PT2
PT 771Clin Application Seminar I1
PT 782Orthopaedics in PT II4
PT 733Therapeutic Modalities1
PT 734Clinical Skills III1
PT 748Pain Science1
ECN 250Principles Microeconomics3
PT 791Clinical Internship I4
PT 702Neuro Evaluation1
PT 721Applied Ex Phys3
PT 754Health Care Delivery Systems1
PT 772Clin Application Seminar II1
PT 758PM&BC in PT Practice1
ACC 215 Bison image Accounting Principles (CT)3
PT 704Neurorehabilitation4
PT 755Service Learning Practicum1
PT 773Clin Application Seminar III1
PT 783Cardiopulmonary in PT4
PT 786Pediatrics & Geriatrics in PT3
FIN 323Principles of Finance3
MGT 601Quant Methods-Business3
ACC 613Profit Planning & Control3
FIN 620Financial Management3
ECN 630Managerial Economics3
MGT 672Organizational Behavior3
MGT 674Prod/Operation Management3
MIS 678Management Infor Systems3
MKT 682Adv Marketing Management3
MGT 699Strategic Management3
M.B.A. Elective (advisor approval)3
M.B.A. Elective (advisor approval)3
M.B.A. Elective (advisor approval)3
PT 756Administration in PT3
PT 766EBP V1
PT 774Clin Application Seminar IV1
PT 784Integumentary3
PT 787Rehab in Select Pops II2
PT 799Integration & Review1
PT 788Rehab in Select Pops III1
PT 714Movement Integration1
PT 794Integrated Clinical Experiences in PT II1
PT 792Clinical Internship II6
PT 793Clinical Internship III8
PT 785Health Promo and Nutrition2
Total Credit Hours161