Degree Programs by College

College of Arts and Media

Dr. Wendell Dobbs, Interim Dean

  • Music, M.A.

College of Business

Dr. Jeffrey Archambault, Interim Dean

  • Accountancy, M.S.
  • Business Administration, D.B.A.
  • Business Administration, M.B.A.
  • Health Care Administration, M.S.
  • Health Informatics, M.S.
  • Human Resource Management, M.S.
  • Information Systems, M.S.
  • Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice and Management, D.N.A.P.
  • Sport Administration, M.S.

Other programs: graduate certificates in Accessibility Awareness, Data Analytics for Health Care, Nursing Informatics and Technology Management. 

College of Education and Professional Development

Dr. Teresa Eagle, Dean

  • Adult and Continuing Education, M.S.
  • Counseling, M.A.
  • Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.S.
  • Doctor of Education, Ed.D.
  • Education, M.A.
  • Leadership Studies, M.A.
  • Literacy Education, M.A.
  • School Psychology, Ed.S.
  • Special Education, M.A.
  • Teaching, M.A.T.

Other programs: graduate certificates, teacher endorsements

College Of Engineering And Computer Sciences

Dr. David Dampier, Dean

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, M.S.E.
  • Computer Science, M.S.
  • Cybersecurity, M.S.
  • Data Science, M.S.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, M.S.E.E.
  • Engineering Management, M.S.E.
  • Environmental, Safety and Health, M.S.
  • Mechanical Engineering, M.S.M.E.
  • Safety, M.S.

Other programs: minors in Environmental Science and Safety; graduate certificates in Bioinformatics, Information Security

College of Health Professions

Dr. Michael Prewitt, Dean

  • Athletic Training, M.S.
  • Biomechanics, M.S.
  • Communication Disorders, M.S.
  • Dietetics, M.S.
  • Exercise Science, M.S.
  • Nursing, M.S.N.
  • Nursing Practice, D.N.P.
  • Physical Therapy, D.P.T.
  • Public Health, M.S.
  • Social Work, M.S.W.

Other programs: minors in Exercise Science and Sport Studies; graduate certificates in Family Nurse Practitioner (post master’s), Nursing Administration (post master’s), Nursing Education (post master’s)

College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Robert Bookwalter, Dean

  • Communication Studies, M.A.
  • English, M.A.
  • Geography, M.A., M.S.
  • History, M.A.
  • Humanities, M.A.
  • Public Administration, M.P.A.
  • Psychology, M.A.
  • Doctor of Psychology, Psy.D.
  • Sociology, M.A.

Other programs: minors in Anthropology, Classics, Geography, History, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology; graduate certificates in Aging in Appalachia, Appalachian Studies, Behavioral Statistics, Clinical Psychology, Geospatial Information Science-Basic, Geospatial Information Science-Advanced, Human Geography, Latin, Nonprofit Management, Public History, Women’s Studies

College of Science

Brian Morgan, Interim Dean

  • Biological Sciences, M.A., M.S.
  • Chemistry, M.S.
  • Criminal Justice, M.S.
  • Cyber Forensics and Security, M.S.
  • Forensic Science, M.S.
  • Mathematics, M.A.
  • Physical and Applied Sciences, M.S.
  • Physics, M.S.

Other programs: minors in Criminal Justice, Geobiophysical Science, Mathematics; graduate certificate in Digital Forensics

Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine

Dr. Bobby L. Miller, Interim Dean

  • Biomedical Research, M.S., Ph.D.
  • Clinical and Translational Science, M.S.
  • Physician Assistant, M.M.S.

School of Pharmacy

Dr. Eric Blough, Interim Dean

  • Pharmacy, Pharm.D.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.S.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences, M.A.