Athletic Training (Professional), M.S.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are different for the degree programs. A personal interview may be required. Provisional admission to a program is possible, and will be considered on an individual basis. (See definition of Provisional Admission in this catalog) All students applying to the Exercise Science, M.S. program must have successfully completed an undergraduate course in either exercise physiology or human physiology. Applicants lacking these courses may be provisionally admitted and must complete required undergraduate courses within the first 12 hours of graduate coursework. Students are limited to twelve semester hours of transfer credit from other institutions, and limited to a maximum of nine semester hours taught at the 500 level.

Admission Criteria

Acceptance into the Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training program is competitive and not guaranteed. Prospective students must meet the minimum criteria listed that follow to be considered for admission to the program:

  • Admission to Marshall University;
  • An overall cumulative minimum GPA of 3.0;
  • A letter grade of C or better on all prerequisite coursework;
  • Submit by February 15 all forms and supporting documentation to apply to the PMAT (Note: refer to the current edition of the Athletic Training Program Policies and Procedures Manual for information regarding the application and admission requirements)
  • Directed observation clinical experience (Note: refer to the current edition of the Athletic Training Program Policies and Procedures Manual for details regarding the requirements for this DO clinical experience);
  • Successful interview (Interviews will be extended in March);
  • Ability to meet the Technical Standards of Admission documented by a licensed physician.

Application to the Marshall University PMAT program is completed through a centralized application system known as ATCAS. Applicants will apply online using the ATCAS system. To learn more about the ATCAS application process visit Application to the PMAT is on a rolling admission basis; however, to receive priority consideration all application materials must be received by February 15 for the Summer 3 session, which is when the program begins. Applicants who are admissible for the regular admission cycle, with a Summer start, may be permitted to delay graduate enrollment to the fall semester in limited instances, at the discretion of the Program Director, and if space permits. All applicants should follow the admissions process described in this catalog or at the Graduate Admissions website at

Prerequisites - Provisional Admission Criteria

Prospective students must have taken or be currently enrolled in the following courses when applying to the PMSAT program. All students applying in their 3rd year from Marshall University must have all Core I and Core II courses completed by the end of the application semester, a minimum of 90 credit hours (Note: applicants with exceptional academic performance may also be considered if they should fall a few credit hours short of this 90-hour threshold; however, these students must have completed all the requirements for the bachelor’s degree by the end of the first year in the PMSAT program), and the following prerequisite courses must be completed prior to the start of the PMSAT program:

  • Anatomy and physiology (6-8 cr.)
  • Biology (2-4 hrs.)
  • Chemistry (2-4 hrs.)
  • Physics (2-4 hrs.)
  • Introduction to Athletic Training/Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3 cr.)
  • Exercise physiology (3-4 cr.)
  • First Aid and CPR; must also hold current First Aid and CPR healthcare provider or professional rescuer certifications (1-3 cr.)
  • General psychology (3 cr.)
  • Kinesiology or biomechanics (3-4 cr.)
  • Nutrition (3 cr.)
  • Personal Health/Wellness (2-3 cr.)
  • Statistical methods (3 cr.)
  • Medical terminology (2-3 cr.)
  • Sociology or comparable course (3 hrs.)

Plan of Study

Athletic Training Core
HS 512Found Clinical Skills in AT3
HS 515Ath Trng Clinical Exp I3
HS 523Ortho Assess Upper Extremity4
HS 524Ortho Assess Lower Extremity4
HS 525Ath Trng Clinical Exp II3
HS 548Therapeutic Interventions I4
HS 549Therapeutic Interventions II4
HS 609Org & Admin Athletic Training3
HS 630Seminar Athl Training3
HS 634Ath Trng Externship3
HS 639Exam of Gen Med Conditions3
HS 645Ath Trng Clinical Exp III3
HS 655Ath Trng Clinical Exp IV3
HS 679Trends in Athletic Training3
HS 680Graduate Project in AT3
ESS 670Research Meth in Kinesiology3
ESS 636Structural Kinesiology3
HS 657Adv Trn/Certs1-3
Total Credit Hours56-58

Additional Requirements

  • BOC Exam registration
  • 3.0 overall GPA and no more than 6 hours of C and no grades below C may be applied toward a graduate degree
  • Completion of all Athletic Training Clinical Experience courses with a letter grade of B or better