Visually Impaired

Vision Impaired

Special education core not required.

CIVI 500Intro Visual Impair3
CIVI 501Reading/Writing Strat Vis Imp3
CIVI 502Anat Phys Human Vis Sys3
CIVI 503Assess/Prog Plan Vis Impaired3
CIVI 504Assess/Plan Vis Imp Add'l Dis3
CIVI 505Braille3
CIVI 600Math Methods/Visual Impairment3
CIVI 601Practicum Vis Imp I1-6
CIVI 602Pract in Visual Imp II3
CIVI 603Orientation & Mobility Skills3
CIEC 534Appli Software Class Curr Area3
Total Credit Hours31-36

Non-Education Certification Program

In addition to the Special Education Core and Certification Area course requirements, students in the Non-Education Certification program must complete EDF 619 Educational Psychology and EDF 616 Adv Studies Human Develop for certification. Additional master’s degree requirements are the same as for all other Special Education master’s degree programs.