School Principalship, Licensure

Applicants should follow the graduate admission process in this catalog and on the Marshall website Applicants should apply on the Distance-Only application and select "Certificate (PM): School Principalship" on the application. 

In addition to Marshall University's requirements for graduate admission, applicants must have: 

  • A master's degree in education from a CAEP-accredited institution with an overall graduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 
  • One of the following: 
    • A professional Teaching Certificate;
    • A Career and Technical Education Teaching Certificate; or
    • A Student Support Certificate in School Counseling.
  • A minimum of two years of teaching or school counseling experience. 

Applicants may be admitted conditionally for one term while test requirements are pending. Applicants may be admitted provisionally when a GPA or test score does not meet the minimum requirements at the discretion of the program director. All conditional admission requirements must be completed for full admission status and to register for subsequent sessions. 

LS 510Principalship:Role & Tasks3
LS 610Leadership for Sch Improve3
LS 612Educ Tech for Administrators3
LS 630The School and the Community3
LS 675Legal and Policy Issues3
LS 660Capstone: School Management3
Total Credit Hours18
  • Every student must designate a practicing principal who agrees to act as his or her mentor during the program. 
  • Field experiences are a required component of this program and are embedded in program classes. Some field experiences are embedded in the program classes, and the remainder are completed in the LS 660 Capstone: School Management course. 
  • A graduate certificate candidate in the program may receive no more than one grade of "C" in the required coursework. In the event of a second grade of "C" or below, the student may be dismissed from the program. 
  • Repeating a course for a higher grade does not negate the existence of the former grade. A student may be dismissed from the program upon earning a second grade of "C" or below, even if the student repeated a course and earned a higher grade.