Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D.

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into the Program

The decision to admit an applicant to doctoral work constitutes a significant commitment from the faculty of the department in the form of advising, teaching, chairing or serving on the student’s committee, preparing and evaluating examinations, and guiding the successful completion of the dissertation. The applicant should note that the decision to admit students to the doctoral program is a collective judgment of the program faculty and represents their determination of the likelihood of the candidate to succeed in all major phases of the degree program. These judgments take into account the applicant’s professional experiences, communication and thinking skills, and other relevant capabilities. Thus, an applicant is not automatically admitted on the basis of meeting only the minimum criteria.

An applicant must have earned at least a master’s degree from an accepted, accredited institution in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, or a related field. Details of all admission requirements and other pertinent information can be found at

Program Requirements

In addition to Marshall University's standards for good standing at the graduate level, candidates admitted to this Ed.D. Program must adhere to all policies and procedures outlined in the Curriculum & Instruction Ed.D. Handbook, including the expectations listed below: 

  • Attend and participate in the annual, virtual Doctoral Candidate/Faculty Seminar and other activities scheduled for doctoral candidates.
  • Identify a chairperson and work with the chairperson to identify committee members no later than the end of the fourth semester of enrollment.
  • Meet at least once a semester with the advisor or chairperson to discuss plan of study progress, course registration, portfolio progress, and/or dissertation progress.
  • Maintain continuous enrollment in the program from admission and first term of enrollment through graduation. Continuous enrollment and exceptions are defined in the handbook.
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.25 in the doctoral program. Courses with a grade of "C" or below will not count toward the doctoral degree.
  • Use the university-assigned resources (including email, distance learning, and virtual learning platforms) and regularly check for related program and course-related communications.
  • Become involved in teaching, course development, research, publications and/or presentations with Marshall University faculty members to gain experience and meet portfolio requirements.
  • Complete all dissertation requirements within three years of portfolio completion and admission to candidacy.
  • Participate in hooding and commencement ceremonies upon completion of the degree.

Dismissal from the Program: If the candidate fails to maintain continuous enrollment or fails to show progress toward completion of the dissertation, and if the candidate has already utilized the inactive status request, the candidate may be subject to dismissal from the program. 

  • The candidate will be notified by registered mail of dismissal from the program and given the opportunity of due process as defined by the Marshall University Graduate Catalog in writing.
  • The candidate will meet with the chair to defend continuation in the program.
    • If the appeal is granted, the candidate must submit in writing a plan to complete the program in a reasonable time.
    • If the appeal is denied, the candidate will be dismissed from the program. A hold will be placed on the candidate's ability to register for classes.

Plan of Study

Core Courses (21 hours)
CI 701Curriculum Development3
CI 702Curriculum Theories3
CI 703Theory Models & Res. of Teach3
CI 704Soc Cult Pol Determ Curr3
CIEC 700Technology and Curriculum3
CI 627Program Plan and Evaluation3
CI 735Policy Studies3
Area of Emphasis (9 hours)
Committee -approved Area of Emphasis course3
Committee -approved Area of Emphasis course3
Committee -approved Area of Emphasis course3
Research and Support Courses (27 hours)
EDF 703Research Design3
EDF 676Statistical Methods3
EDF 625Qualitative Research Educ3
CI 677Writing Publicatn Prof Ed3
EDF 711Survey Research in Education3
EDF 725Adv Qualitative Research3
or EDF 776 Comp Analysis in Doctoral Res
CI 797Curr & Inst Dissertation Res1-12