Visual Arts, B.F.A.

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Candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) with the major in visual arts are required to complete seventy-three (73) hours of credit in art courses, including the art core (52 hours) and a major area of emphasis (21 hours). Majors must also satisfy the following requirements:

  1. After completing the required six foundation courses (ART 101 Visual Culture and Research and ART 214 Foundations: Grid/Chroma, ART 215 Foundations: Form/Space, ART 217 Foundations: Record/Layer, ART 218 Foundations: Site/Matrix, ART 219 Foundations: Frame/Time), students pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts are required to present a portfolio of work for review by the Art and Design faculty. To do so, B.F.A. students must register for ART 298 Foundations Review: BFA before completing 21 credit hours in studio art courses. Successful completion of ART 298 Foundations Review: BFA, is required and is a prerequisite for program advancement. Students who do not receive a passing grade of C in the Foundations Review and are within the studio art credit hour range listed above may apply for reconsideration. Students who have transferred within Marshall University will have two semesters to complete the courses listed above and participate in this review. However, transfers from art or art education departments at other universities are required to complete the review during the first semester they enroll in the MU School of Art and Design.
  2. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program must complete all work in the major with a minimum grade of C. A student who receives a D or F in an art course counted toward graduation must repeat it and earn at least a C before graduation or before using that course as a prerequisite for another required course.
  3. Forty (40) credit hours must be earned in courses numbered 300-499.
  4. No course in the major requirements for graduation may be taken Credit/Non-Credit unless the course is so specified.
  5. A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the degree. 
  6. A successful exhibition of creative work must be presented by all students during the senior year as a requirement for graduation. To do so,
    • B.F.A. students in all areas of emphasis except Graphic Design must register for ART 497 Capstone Studio, and ART 498 Senior Capstone Exhibition BFA.
    • Students in the Graphic Design emphasis area must register for ART 489 Graphic Design Portfolio; ART 490 Apprenticeship; and ART 498 Senior Capstone Exhibition BFA.
    • B.F.A. students in all areas of emphasis must register for ART 498 Senior Capstone Exhibition BFA (Capstone Exhibition) 
Foundation Courses
ART 101Visual Culture and Research3
ART 214Foundations: Grid/Chroma3
ART 215Foundations: Form/Space3
ART 217Foundations: Record/Layer3
ART 218Foundations: Site/Matrix3
ART 219Foundations: Frame/Time3
Portfolio Presentation
ART 298 Cap graduation image Foundations Review: BFA1
Total Credit Hours19

 Visual Arts, BFA

Art Core
ART 201History of Art3
ART 202History of Art3
ART 38920th Century Art3
or ART 464 History of Modern Design
ART 390Professional Practice3
ART 497 Cap graduation image Capstone Studio3
ART 498 Bison image  Cap graduation image Senior Capstone Exhibition BFA3
Art history elective3
300/400 Level Courses outside the Area of Emphasis
Areas of Emphasis in Visual Arts
Students will complete 21 credit hours in a studio area of emphasis. 121
Total Credit Hours54