Psychology (Clinical), Post-Master’s Certificate

Admission Requirements

Admissions Priority Deadlines

Applications for admission to the Area of Emphasis in Clinical Psychology master’s program are due by January 31st and will be given priority over those completed after this date. These will be acted on before April 15th of each year. Slots in the Clinical Psychology Area of Emphasis program are limited. The most qualified applicants will be accepted until the slots have been filled. Grade Point Averages (undergraduate and graduate), GRE scores, and faculty recommendations will be considered.

Program Requirements

The courses required for the Clinical Psychology certificate are the same as those for the Area of Emphasis in Clinical Psychology. The difference is that those admitted to the Post Master’s Certificate will have met the required core areas for the degree within the past seven (7) years and as part of a prior degree (e.g., general psychology master’s degree or non-clinical doctoral degree). Those marked with 1 are restricted to students in the clinical certificate program. It is important to note that students in the clinical area of emphasis must complete the entire track to receive any letters of support or other indication from individual faculty members, the department or the university that the student has achieved appropriate competence in the skills or knowledge bases associated with master’s level clinical training, and such students must complete the entire sequence for the Clinical Psychology Area of Emphasis to appear on their transcripts.

Two-C Rule and Student Behavior

The following two statements are applicable to all psychology graduate programs:

  1. 2-C Rule: Psychology students cannot be admitted to, or continue in, a graduate program in psychology if they earn more than one grade of “C” or lower in any graduate course in psychology or any course included in the plan of study. Such students will not be permitted to continue taking courses or to work on a doctoral research project. Please see the complete description of the 2-C Rule on the second page of the M.A. in Psychology section.
  2. Ethics and Student Behavior: Students in all programs are expected to behave in accordance with the APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct. Consequences for violations may include suspension or dismissal from the student’s program of study. When students in the clinical area of emphasis (M.A. program) or the Psy.D. program exhibit behavior indicating inability or limited capacity to successfully perform clinical roles and functions, they may be suspended or dismissed from their program of study.

Plan of Study

Required Courses
PSY 608Differ Diagnosis & Treat Plan 13
PSY 633Individual Psychotherapy 13
PSY 610Assessment of Adults 13
PSY 611Assessment of Children 13
PSY 620Assessment Adults Practicum 13
PSY 621Assessment Children Practicum 13
PSY 634Group Therapy 13
PSY 731Psychotherapy I 13
PSY 732Psychotherapy II 13
PSY 670Clinical Practicum 13
PSY 671Clinical Practicum3
PSY 680Clinical Internship 13
Psychotherapy with Children 1
Adult Diagnosis & Therapy 1
Child/Fam Diagn Therapy 1
Total Credit Hours36

Restricted to students in the clinical certificate program.