Behavioral Statistics, Graduate Certificate

Admission Requirements

Applicants interested in the certificate-only program should apply for admission to Marshall University as a Certificate/Professional Development student and select on the application form the Certificate in Behavioral Statistics. The Admissions requirements for the certificate program are the same as for the M.A. program in Psychology.

All credits earned in the Graduate Certificate Program in Behavioral Statistics may be applied to a master’s degree. For example, PSY 517 Inter Behavioral Stat is a current requirement for the master’s degree in Psychology. Other credits earned in the behavioral statistics program may be applied in part to the elective hours required for the M.A. degree in Psychology.

Program Requirements

Two-C Rule and Student Behavior

The following two statements are applicable to all psychology graduate programs:

  1. 2-C Rule: Psychology students cannot be admitted to, or continue in, a graduate program in psychology if they earn more than one grade of “C” or lower in any graduate course in psychology or any course included in the plan of study. Such students will not be permitted to continue taking courses or to work on a doctoral research project. Please see the complete description of the 2-C Rule on the second page of the M.A. in Psychology section.
  2. Ethics and Student Behavior: Students in all programs are expected to behave in accordance with the APA Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct. Consequences for violations may include suspension or dismissal from the student’s program of study. When students in the clinical area of emphasis (M.A. program) or the Psy.D. program exhibit behavior indicating inability or limited capacity to successfully perform clinical roles and functions, they may be suspended or dismissed from their program of study.

Course Requirements

PSY 517Inter Behavioral Stat3
PSY 623Experimental Design3
PSY 624Multivariate Analysis3
PSY 651Adv Nonparametric Statistics3
or PSY 654 Single Subject Analysis
Total Credit Hours12