Nurse Anesthesia Practice and Management, D.N.A.P.

Admission Requirements

Full Admission

All applicants must meet the following criteria. The program does not offer conditional or provisional admission.

  1. Graduate from an approved baccalaureate or higher degree generic program in nursing or graduate from an approved associate degree with an appropriate baccalaureate degree.
  2. Minimum baccalaureate GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale will be verified by reviewing transcript of degree-granting institution.
  3. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores submitted from the Education Testing Service should be sent directly to the Marshall Graduate Records Office, whose Institutional Code reporting number is 5396.
    1. A photocopy of the student report GRE scores should be included with the CAMC application.
    2. GRE scores must be no older than five (5) years.
    3. Preferred minimum scores are Verbal 153 and Quantitative 144.
    4. Please note the dates of score reporting in the GRE booklet and schedule the test so that the scores will be reported in time for full consideration of your application.
  4. A current, valid, professional registered nursing license in one jurisdiction of the United States, which satisfies the requirements of the West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses. Once admitted, the School requires all in-state and out-of-state students to maintain licensure in the State of West Virginia.
  5. A minimum of one year, full-time work experience (two years preferred) or its part-time equivalent, as a RN in a critical care setting. The applicant must have developed as an independent decision-maker, capable of using and interpreting advanced monitoring techniques based on knowledge of physiological and pharmacological principles.
  6. Three (3) references by persons in the medical profession who are familiar with the applicant’s qualifications. One must be from the applicant’s immediate supervisor.
  7. Resume detailing education and work experience.
  8. A personal interview may be requested.

Program Requirements

Plan of Study

All students in this program are required to complete a comprehensive program of study including the courses listed below. The department maintains a well-established rotation of courses that allows students to compete the degree requirements in a timely manner.

Grade Point Average

All students must maintain a 3.0 overall GPA in all program coursework. Students are advised to read the department’s Student Handbook with care, as that document lists other program requirements for students to remain in good standing.

Final Research Project

The culminating requirement for the D.N.A.P. degree is a research project that allows the student an opportunity to develop and demonstrate a synthesis of graduate knowledge and skills within the context of improving health care. Every research project will include the synthesis of strategic, creative thinking, decision making, planning, project management, and communication skills that are hallmarks of a D.N.A.P. graduate. The D.N.A.P. program at Marshall University follows a practitioner-scholar model. The emphasis is on understanding the field of nurse anesthesia as an empirically-informed discipline. A D.N.A.P. student must develop his or her proposal in consultation with his/her research project committee chair, and the final project report must both be approved by the entire research project committee. The research project must receive Office of Institutional Integrity approval and the student must successfully defend the written and oral presentation.

Plan of Study

BSC 716Adv Cell Phys Nurse Anesthesia2
BSC 717Adv Ana Phy Path Nurse 13
BSC 718Adv Ana Phy Path Nurse 23
BSC 719Adv Ana Phy Path Nurse 33
CHM 723Chemistry and Physics3
MPNA 700Health Policy and Delivery3
MPNA 710Fin Mgmt for Health Care Prof3
MPNA 711Mkt & Mgt for Health Care Prof3
MPNA 715Health Economics3
MPNA 724Evidence Based Rscrch Mthds I3
MPNA 725Evidence Based Rsrch Mthds II3
MPNA 726Statistical Methods for Resear3
MPNA 730Medical/Legal Issues3
MPNA 734Principles of Anesthesia Prac4
MPNA 734ASimulation Lab1-5
MPNA 743Management and Leadership6
MPNA 745APediatrics for Nurse Anesth I3
MPNA 745BObstetrics for Nurse Anesth II3
MPNA 745CCase Seminar6
MPNA 753Mgmt Complex Health Care3
MPNA 755Mkt Goods/Serv Med Env3
MPNA 756Clinical and Admin IS3
MPNA 772Organizational Behavior3
MPNA 777Moral Management3
MPNA 796Policy Strategy Entrepreneur3
MPNA 799Research Project3
MPNA 799Research Project3
MPNA 799Research Project3
NUR 720Adv Pharm Nurse Anes I4
NUR 721Adv Pharm Nurse Anesth II3
NUR 735Clinical Practice Inquiry3
NUR 741Adv HC Prac/Phys As6
NUR 741AHealth Care Clinical Practicum (Mentoring)1
NUR 741AHealth Care Clinical Practicum1
NUR 741AHealth Care Clinical Practicum1
NUR 741AHealth Care Clinical Practicum1
NUR 741AHealth Care Clinical Practicum1
NUR 741AHealth Care Clinical Practicum1
NUR 741BNurse Anesth Prof Practice3
NUR 741CHealth Care Practicum6
NUR 741CHealth Care Practicum6
NUR 741CHealth Care Practicum6
NUR 741CHealth Care Practicum6
NUR 744Regional Anesthesia1
Total Credit Hours138-142