Business Administration, D.B.A.

Admission Requirements 

The program will admit students every fall semester in a cohort. Students must meet all MU requirements for admission and be admitted to graduate study. Please refer to the Graduate Studies webpage at

The admission process for the D.B.A. program will be competitive and will emphasize academic ability, professional work experience, and other indicators of potential for program success. The D.B.A. Program Committee will consider the following items as preferred qualifications: 

  • A completed master's degree in business or a related area from an appropriately accredited institution (must have a bachelor's degree at minimum);
  • GMAT or GRE scores;
  • Relevant professional and/or senior level management experience; and
  • Other evidence of achievements and experience including written or oral contributions to the field of expertise, professional certifications, professional development programs, and awards/honors.

The D.B.A. Program Committee is more likely to consider candidates for admission to the program if they have more of these qualifications. The materials that are required in the application package include: 

  • A cover letter and resume listing and describing the applicant's academic and work experience, and other qualifications;
  • A personal interest statement that is 4 to 5 pages in length and explains the candidate's objectives for joining the program, goals upon graduation, potential research questions of interest, and how the candidate's work experience will contribute to this research;
  • Academic transcripts showing all undergraduate work and graduate work, if applicable; and
  • Three letters of recommendation.

The D.B.A. Program Committee will review all documents to identify candidates who have a high likelihood of succeeding in the program. The D.B.A. Program Committee will interview these candidates before making a final offer. 

Plan of Study

First Semester (Fall)
DBA 701Res Bus & Econ Dev3
DBA 710Bus Research Design Method3
DBA 711Bus Quant Methods I3
Second Semester (Spring)
DBA 702Cur Research Bus Innovation3
DBA 712Bus Quant Method II3
Choose one of the following depending on area of concentration:
Research Sem in Man Acct
Research Sem in HC Delivery
Research Sem HRM
Third Semester (Summer)
DBA 703Cur Research Issues Bus Tech3
Choose one of the following depending on area of concentration:3
Research Sem in Audit
Res Mgr Epidemiology
Res Op Bus Models & Strat
Fourth Semester (Fall)
DBA 704Research Global & Intl Bus3
DBA 713Bus Quant III3
Choose one of the following depending on area of concentration:3
Research Sem in Fin Acct
Res Sem HC Inform Mgt
Res Sem in Entr, Sm Bus, & FF
Fifth Semester (Spring)
DBA 705Ped in Bus Schools3
DBA 714Qual Methods3
DBA 790Dissertation Design3-6
Sixth Semester (Summer)
DBA 790Dissertation Design3-6
Seventh Semester (Fall)
DBA 791Dissertation9-18
Eighth Semester (Spring)
DBA 791Dissertation9-18
Total Credit Hours60-84