Health Informatics, M.S.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should follow the admissions process described in the Graduate Catalog, or at the Graduate Admissions website at (Submit all materials to the Graduate Admissions Office.) Students must have an undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale from their undergraduate degree granting institution.

Provisional Admission

The Health Informatics program may admit applicants provisionally on a limited basis at the discretion of the program director. Example: If a student does not meet the GPA admission requirement, but believes he or she had the necessary qualifications to succeed in the Health Informatics program, he or she may still be accepted at the discretion of the program director.

Program Requirements

39 hrs.

Note: A students may be advised to take additional foundational informatics courses, such as medical terminology, databases, biostatistics, etc., if the student has no prior experience in those areas.

Health Informatics Practicum

(400 hours)

MSHI students will be required to complete the Health Informatics Practicum (HP 650 Health Infor Practicum), which includes successfully completing at least 400 hours in an educationally directed Health Informatics internship at one of several Health Informatics job sites which have been approved by the MSHI program director. The student internships consist of job placements within the Health Informatics field at academic, government or healthcare industry levels.

Besides successful completion of the required health informatics courses at MU, graduation from the MSHI program will be contingent upon successfully completing the HP 650 Health Infor Practicum. For more details about the practicum, see the MSHI Practicum Web page.

Plan of Study

Students must take courses from 3 colleges:

College of Health Professions Courses
HP 605The Role of EHR and PHR3
HP 615Health Quality and Safety3
HP 650Health Infor Practicum3
HP 620Legal Health & Informat3
HP 630Research Methods and Data3
Select one of the following:1-4
Independent Study
Independent Study
Independent Study
College of Business Courses
MIS 678Management Infor Systems3
HCA 600The Health Care System3
HCA 656Mgt of Medical Technology3
MIS 680Health Comm Telematics3
College of Information Technology and Engineering Courses
IS 623Database Management3
EM 660Project Management3
IS 665Health Care Enterpr Info Syst (or elective)3
TM 664Health Informatics3
Total Credit Hours40-43