Biological Sciences, Minor

Course Requirements

 Bison image - General Education Course

A student may qualify for a minor in Biological Sciences by successfully completing:

BSC 120 Bison image Principles of Biology I3
BSC 120L Bison image Principles of Biology I Lab1
BSC 121 Bison image Principles of Biology3
BSC 121L Bison image Prin of Biology II Lab1
Select at least one of the following BSC core courses:3-4
Principles of Microbiology
Principles of Ecology
Principles Cell Biology
Principles of Genetics
Principles of Human Anatomy (and BSC 332L)
Principles of Human Physiology (and BSC 334L)
Principles of Evolution
Select a minimum of 3 additional hours at the 300-400 level3
Select a minimum of 3 additional hours at the 400 level 3
Total Credit Hours17-18

This is a minimum of 17 hours. In order to qualify, courses taken toward the minor in Biological Sciences must be completed with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.