Anthropology, Minor

The undergraduate Minor in General Anthropology requires 12 credit-hours made of choices from two blocks of courses. From Block I, students are required to choose two courses (6 hours) from foundational, subdisciplinary courses. From Block II, students are required to choose any two ANT courses (6 hours) from either the 300 or 400 level that are not listed in Block I. General Anthropology is intended to provide flexibility to explore introductions to four major sub-disciplines of the field and freely sample related upper-level courses in a way that accommodates students with diverse majors ranging from pre-medicine, pre-law, geography, art history, computer science, engineering, business, environmental sciences, to social work.

Block 1
Select two of the following:6
Cultural Anthropology (CT)
Physical Anthropology
Linguistic Anthropology
Block 2
Select two ANT courses from either 300 or 400 level that are not listed in Block I 16
Total Credit Hours12

Students should seek advice from the program and plan for Block II courses that build on choices made in Block I.