International Affairs, Minor

A minor in International Affairs requires 12 credit hours.

In the interest of promoting interdisciplinary learning within the minor, students must select these 9 hours from at least two different departments listed below:

Required Course
PSC 209 Bison image Fund Internatl Relations (CT)3
Department Courses
Select three of the following from at least two different departments:9
Cultural Anthropology (CT)
Comparative Econ Systems
International Trade
Global Macroeconomic Analysis
Economic of Dev Countries
Communication Studies
Intercultural Communication
Global Environment Issues (CT)
World Regional Geography
Geography of Europe
Political Geography
Geog of South & Middle America
The World Since 1850 (CT)
The Developing World (CT)
Rise & Fall Nazi Germany
Rise of Islam 570-1750
Modern East Asia
HST 302
American Military History
Spanish History Since 1475
Drug Wars
The Holocaust
The Global Cold War
World War I
The Modern Middle East
HST 378
Amer Diplomacy 1900-Pres
European Hist 1814-1914
HST 426
Intel & Cult Hist Mod Eur
Soviet Russia and Beyond
The Vietnam War
Modern Japan
Modern China
HST 439
Arab-Israeli Conflict
International Affairs
Senior Seminar
Political Science
Comparative Politics (CT)
UN & Global Organizations
International Relations
PSC 407
PSC 408
Western Democratic Politics
Post Soviet Politics
Latin American Politics
International Political Econ
International Law
Politics of Development
Cur World/Regional Issues
PSC 422
American Foreign Policy
PSC 428
Politics of Confl & Rev
Pol of Global Terrorism
Dictatorship & Democracy
Appropriate special topics courses may also count toward the minor with approval of the International Affairs Director.
Total Credit Hours12