Aerospace Engineering, Emphasis

Core Curriculum 1
Core I: Critical Thinking
FYS 100First Yr Sem Critical Thinking3
or FYS 100H First Year Seminar-Honors
Two Critical Thinking Courses6
Core II
ENG 101 Bison image Beginning Composition3
ENG 201 Bison image Advanced Composition (Completion of ENG 201H - English Composition Honors (3 CH) with a C or better also satisfies the university composition requirement)3
CMM 103 Bison image Fund Speech-Communication3
or CMM 207 Bison image Bus & Prof Communication
Math: (requirement met in major)
Physical or Natural Science: (requirement met in major)
Core II Social Science
Core II Humanities
Core II Fine Arts
Additional University Requirements
Two Writing Intensive courses6
One Multicultural (m) or International (I) course3
Calculus/Analytic Geom I (CT)
Calculus/Analytic Geom II
Calculus/Analytic Geom III
Ordinary Diff Equations
Principles of Chemistry I
University Physics I
General Physics I Laboratory
University Physics II
Introduction to CAD
First-Year Engineering Seminar
The Engineering Profession
Engineering Materials
Mech of Deformable Bodies
Engineering Co-Op Preparation
Engineering Thermodynamics
Engr Cost Analysis & Economy
Adv Engineering Analysis
Core Mechanical Engineering34
Mech Engineering Computations
Manufacturing Processes
Aircraft Systems
Circuits and Instrumentation
Thermodynamics II
Experimental Design and Thermo
Machine Element Design
Heat Transfer
Fluid Dynamics
Flight Mechanics
Flight Stability and Control
Mechanical Engineering Lab-II
Materials for Aerospace
Capstone Design, Design Elective, and Technical Electives 16
Capstone Design I 2
Capstone Design II 3
Design Elective3
Design of Thermal Systems
Design of Mechanical System
Technical Electives9
Students who select aerospace engineering as an area of emphasis must take three of the following courses:
Fluid Power
Hydraulic & Pneumatic Control
Jet Propulsion
Finite Elements Method
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Other courses may be taken to satisfy this requirement with the approval of the student's advisor and the chair.

Transfer Students: Freshman transfer students must complete Core I at Marshall. Core II can be completed with Marshall or transfer courses. Transfers with 26 or more credit hours must complete one CT course but are exempt from the remaining Core I requirements. Core II can be completed with Marshall or transfer courses.


To be eligible to take Senior Capstone I (ME 452), students must have senior standing in mechanical engineering. Senior standing is defined for the B.S.M.E. as having completed the following courses:

  • ME 325 - Experimental Design and Thermo-Fluid Lab (2 CH)
  • ME 350 - Heat Transfer (3 CH)
  • ME 410 - Kinematics & Design of Machines (3 CH) or ME 422- Flight Stability and Control (3 CH)

To be eligible to take the ME 453 Senior Capstone II student must have completed ME 452, and at least one of the Design Electives (ME 430 or ME 435).