Contact:  Dr. Gregory Michaelson, P.E., Interim Associate Dean (

Students interested in pursuing a degree in engineering who have a minimum composite ACT score of 19 and Math ACT scores of 19-23 (SAT composite 900; Math 460-550), will be admitted into Pre-Engineering until all of the following minimum requirements are met:

  • Overall college Grade Point Average of 2.0
  • Completion of MTH 127 College Algebra-Expanded/MTH 130 College Algebra (or equivalent) with a grade of C
  • MTH 132 Precalculus with Sci Applica (or equivalent) with a grade of C

In order to transfer into the engineering programs offered at Marshall, students must meet the Math ACT requirement or complete the requirements listed above for Pre-Engineering majors. This pertains to transfer students within Marshall or from another institution.

Once all of the preceding requirements have been met, students will be transferred to the desired engineering major.

Students who are admitted to the Pre-Engineering program generally will require an additional calendar year to complete the requirements for the B.S.E. degree or engineering transfer.