English 5-9, B.A. (Second Specialization only)

 Bison icon - General Education Course

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Teaching Specialization
ENG 350Intro to Textual Analysis3
Select one of the following:3
Appalachian Literature
Postcolonial Literature
African American Literatures
Multicultural Literatures
Women Writers
ENG 410Shaks Comedy Tragedy & Rom3
or ENG 412 Shaks Hist & Tragedies
ENG 476Structures of English Language3
British/American Lit to 1800 select one of the following:3
American Lit to 1830
American Lit 1830-1865
Medieval British Lit
British/American Lit since 1800 select one of the following:3
19th C British Novel
Victorian Poetry
Victorian Nonfiction
American Lit 1865-1914
American Literature after 1914
20th C Brit & Irish Poetry
20th C American Poetry
British Romantic Poets
World/International Lit select one of the following:3
International Literature
World Lit to Renaissance
World Lit Since Renaissance
ENG 402Comp & Rhet Preservice Teacher3
ENG 419Approaches Teach Lit3
ENG 499 Bison image Senior Capstone3
Professional Education Core
CI 402Teach Mid Child Learners3
Student Teaching Capstone (full semester)12
Total Credit Hours45