Pharmacy, Pharm.D.

Admission Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Admission

Admission to Marshall University School of Pharmacy is competitive. The school admits a maximum of 80 students per year. Applicants are directed to apply to the Marshall University School of Pharmacy through the Pharmacy College Application Service (PharmCAS, Completion of a secondary application directly to the Marshall School of Pharmacy is also required.

Admission to the Pharm.D. program requires the student to have:

  1. Completed all required pre-pharmacy courses (note: inquiries regarding prerequisite course equivalency should be forwarded to MUSOP Student Affairs at 304-696-7354). These courses include:
    English Composition (2 semesters)6
    Calculus (1 semester)3
    Statistics (1 semester)3
    Biology with Lab (2 semesters)8
    Chemistry with Lab (2 semesters)8
    Human Anatomy (1 semester)4
    Human Physiology (1 semester)4
    Microbiology (1 semester)4
    Organic Chemistry with Lab (2 semesters)8
    Physics with Lab (1 semester)4
    Social Science elective (1 semester)3
  2. A recommended minimum undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale for all previously completed undergraduate university work.
  3. A recommended minimum GPA of 2.75 or higher on a 4.0 scale for all prerequisite courses.
  4. Three (3) letters of professional recommendation requested from persons such as pharmacists, supervisors, and professors who can tell us about your academic and/or work capabilities which would enable you to succeed in the School of Pharmacy.
  5. Completed both an application through PharmCAS and a supplemental application though the Marshall University School of Pharmacy (
  6. Submitted all required application fees.
  7. Successfully completed an on-site interview.

Program Requirements

Academic Performance

Students are eligible for graduation upon successful completion of all academic and clinical (Professional Practice Experiences) requirements and documented competency in the P4 Annual Assessment of Competency. The student must earn a minimum of 152 semester credit hours. The expected graduation grade point average is 3.0 with the minimum grade point average of 2.5. The student is responsible for knowing and satisfying degree and graduation requirements. Students must be enrolled in the term in which they plan to graduate.

Time Limitations

If a student has not completed his/her Pharm.D. degree within six years from the end of the first course to be counted toward his/her degree, and if the student has not been enrolled in a course toward that degree for the most recent one year when that seven-year limit is reached (meaning the sixth year), then the student will be dropped from the program. To continue to work on that degree, the student must reapply for admission to that degree program through the regular graduate admission process, and pay the appropriate admission fees.

Plan of Study

The curriculum is designed to be completed over 4 years or 9 semesters. A summary of the courses composing the curriculum is found below:

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredit Hours
PHAR 511 Clinical Immunology 1
PHAR 522 Fund Med Chem 2
PHAR 541 Pharmacy Practice I 4
PHAR 531 Biopharmaceutics I 3
PHAR 542 Immunology and Microbiology 4
PHAR 546 Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 4
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
PHAR 521 Integrated Laboratory I 2
PHAR 532 Biopharmaceutics II 3
PHAR 543 Pharmacy Practice II 4
PHAR 544 Prin of Disease & Drug Action 4
PHAR 545 Therapeutics I (Appropriate use of over-the-counter products) 4
PHAR 811 Pharm Prac Exp I (IPPE 1) 1
PHAR 819 Long Care of Patient 1
 Credit Hours19
Second Year
First Semester
PHAR 611 Integrated Laboratory II 1
PHAR 621 Pharmacy Law & Ethics 2
PHAR 622 Drug Info & Comm Skills 2
PHAR 631 Pharmacometrics 3
PHAR 632 PPM Leadership 3
PHAR 661 Therapeutics II 6
PHAR 813 IPPE 3 Community 2 1
PHAR 819 Long Care of Patient 1
PHAR 821 IPPE Institutional 2
 Credit Hours21
Second Semester
PHAR 612 Therapeutic Drug Dosing 1
PHAR 633 Patient Care Skills Lab 3
PHAR 634 PPM Finance 3
PHAR 635 Research Outcomes Patient Care 3
PHAR 671 Therapeutics III 7
PHAR 819 Long Care of Patient 1
 Credit Hours18
Third Year
First Semester
PHAR 711 Med Therapy Management 1
PHAR 722 PPM Patient Safety 2
PHAR 741 Ther-Endocrine 4
PHAR 751 Neuro & Psychiatric Dis 5
PHAR 801 Special Topics I 3
PHAR 816 Inpatient Clinical Skills 1
Select one of the following two courses: 1
Phar Prac Exp 5 IPPE 5  
Intro Phar Prac Exp IPPE 7  
PHAR 819 Long Care of Patient 1
 Credit Hours18
Second Semester
PHAR 712 Capstone Diabetes Care 1
PHAR 721 Therapeutics 7 2
PHAR 731 Case Studies 3
PHAR 761 HemeOnc Nutrition Hepa MS 6
PHAR 801 Special Topics I 3
Select one of the following two courses: 1
Phar Prac Exp 5 IPPE 5  
Intro Phar Prac Exp IPPE 7  
PHAR 819 Long Care of Patient 1
 Credit Hours17
Fourth Year
First Semester
PHAR 881 APPE 1-General Medicine 5
PHAR 882 APPE 2-Amb Care/Prim Care 5
PHAR 883 APPE 3-Advanced Community 5
PHAR 884 APPE 4-Adv Institutional 5
PHAR 885 APPE 5-Geriatrics 5
PHAR 886 APPE 6-Diverse Populations 5
PHAR 887 APPE 7 & 8-Electives 5
PHAR 887 APPE 7 & 8-Electives 5
PHAR 891 Pharmacy Capstone 4
 Credit Hours44
 Total Credit Hours155

Note: PHAR courses may not always coincide with the university academic calendar.