Physician Assistant, M.S.

Students must meet all minimum admission requirements for the Graduate College of Marshall University. Please refer to the current admission requirements in this catalog.

In addition to the minimum requirements above, applicants must meet the following:

  1. Prerequisite classes – all prerequisites should have been taken within the last 10 years.
    • General Chemistry with lab -- 8 credit hours
    • Statistics --- 3 credit hours
    • Anatomy with lab -- 4 credit hours
    • Physiology with lab -- 4 credit hours
    • Organic Chemistry 1 with lab or Biochemistry -- 4 credit hours
    • Microbiology with lab -- 3 credit hours
    • Medical Terminology -- one semester (1 credit hour - 3 credit hours)
    • Psychology – 3 credit hours
    • College Algebra -- 3 credit hours (Can be replaced with Pre-Calculus or Calculus)
  2. Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university, or international equivalent
  3. PA shadowing --- some PA shadowing is encouraged, with the goal of understanding the role of a Physician Assistant. If an applicant is invited for an interview, the applicant will be expected to discuss briefly the role of a PA. Hours of shadowing should be documented on the application.
  4. Required GPA
    Required GPA overall is 3.0/ 4.0 scale on all undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and graduate courses taken, both science and non-science, as calculated by CASPA. Required GPA for admission prerequisites is 3.0/4.0 scale as calculated by the program.

    Notes Regarding GPA:
    Marshall University will calculate GPAs for international applicants.
    Anatomy with lab and Physiology with lab may be replaced with Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2 with labs ---- for a total of 8 hours.
    No AP credit will be accepted for any prerequisite courses.
    All prerequisites must have an assigned grade and not Pass/Fail.
    Online or virtual labs will not be accepted as prerequisite courses.
    Required Science GPA of 3.0/4.0 scale on all courses with subject codes of Biology/Zoology, Chemistry (Inorganic, Organic, and Biochemistry), Physics, and other science, as calculated by CASPA.

A valid GRE is required (less than five years old), or a valid MCAT can be substituted.

Marshall University will utilize the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistant Programs (CASPA) application for all applications. A personal statement and three letters of recommendation will be required for the CASPA application.

#Applicants who are WV residents will be given additional points in the admission rubric

#Applicants who have obtained or will obtain by matriculation an undergraduate degree from Marshall University will be granted an interview as long as they meet basic admission requirements.

Students must have health insurance coverage by the time of matriculation. 

Basic computer skills to include use of e-mail and to conduct web-based and electronic searches.

Admission is selective and will be on a rolling admission cycle.

Applicants may apply prior to obtaining all prerequisite courses or obtaining their baccalaureate degree. Applicants who have not completed all prerequisites, the baccalaureate degree, or both may be temporarily admitted pending completion of admission requirements. Temporary admission status will be rescinded if all admission requirements are not met prior to matriculation.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
SpringCredit Hours
PAS 500 Foundations of Medicine 7
PAS 520 Gross Anatomy for the PA 4
PAS 530 Pharmacology Principles 4
PAS 550 History and Physical Exam 3
 Credit Hours18
PAS 600 Clinical Medicine I 6
PAS 601 Pharmacology for the PA I 2
PAS 602 Clinical Concepts I 2
PAS 603 Clinical Assessment I 2
 Credit Hours12
Second Year
PAS 610 Clinical Medicine II 6
PAS 611 Pharmacology for the PA II 2
PAS 612 Clinical Concepts II 2
PAS 613 Clinical Assessment II 2
PAS 614 Testing and Procedures II 2
PAS 615 Health Policy for the PA 2
PAS 616 Clinical Specialties I 3
 Credit Hours19
PAS 620 Clinical Medicine III 6
PAS 621 Pharmacology for the PA III 2
PAS 622 Clinical Concepts III 2
PAS 623 Clinical Assessment III 2
PAS 624 Testing and Procedures III 2
PAS 625 PA Professional Practice 2
PAS 626 Clinical Specialties II 3
PAS 627 Psychiatry for the PA 2
 Credit Hours21
Third Year
Clinical Year  
PAS 650 PA Primary Care I 4
PAS 651 PA Primary Care II 4
PAS 652 PA Psychiatry I 4
PAS 653 PA Internal Medicine I 4
PAS 654 PA Internal Medicine Sub 4
PAS 655 PA Women's Health 4
PAS 656 PA Pediatrics 4
PAS 657 PA General Surgery 4
PAS 658 PA Emergency Medicine 4
PAS 659 Orthopaedics 4
PAS 660 PA Clinical Elective 4
 Credit Hours44
 Total Credit Hours114