Required Courses
BSC 120 Bison image Principles of Biology4
BSC 121 Bison image Principles of Biology4
BSC 227Human Anatomy4
BSC 228 Bison image Human Physiology4
Select one of the following:4-5
Microbiol & Human Disease
Principles of Microbiology
and Microbiology Lab
CHM 211 Bison image Principles of Chemistry I3
CHM 212 Bison image Principles Chemistry II3
CHM 217 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab I2
CHM 218 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab II2
CHM 355Organic Chemistry I3
CHM 356Organic Chemistry II3
CHM 361Intro Organic Chm Lab3
CHM 365Introductory Biochemistry3
Select one of the following:3-6
Beginning Composition
and Advanced Composition
Texting the World (CT)
English Comp Honors
MTH 140Applied Calculus3
or MTH 229 Bison image Calculus/Analytic Geom I (CT)
PHY 201 Bison image College Physics I3
PHY 202 Bison image General Physics I Laboratory1
PHY 203 Bison image College Physics II3
PHY 204 Bison image General Physics 2 Laboratory1
Social Science6
OAT, during calendar year before anticipated start of optometry school
Total Credit Hours65-69