GIScience, Minor

Geospatial Information Science is a research field that utilizes specialized computer hardware, software, and procedures for the capture, presentation, and analysis of all types of natural and social science data referenced (mapped) to the earth’s surface. The minor/certificate program provides knowledge, training, applications, and research skills for successful careers or graduate work across a number of disciplines. Students who complete the minor or certificate should be able to:

  • perform GIScience capture, analysis, and presentation using vector, raster, and remote sensing data;
  • use GIScience data to investigate research questions in the social or natural sciences;
  • employ geographic concepts such as projections, coordinate systems, and scale;
  • recognize and apply information science concepts such as data collection, representation, queries, and storage;
  • enter a career that utilizes GIScience principles and practices; and
  • continue GIScience work at the graduate level.

GIScience minor/certificate credits can count toward a bachelor’s degree in several departments such as Geography, Biology, Physical Science, Health Informatics, Natural Resources and the Environment, or Management Information Systems. Please see an advisor in the appropriate department. Students may not earn a GIScience minor and a GIScience undergraduate certificate.


  • Minimum of 18 credit hours
  • Students must take courses from at least two different departments.
  • Students must have a B (3.0) average in their GIScience courses for the minor or certificate and no grade below a C (2.0) in their GIScience courses to earn the minor or certificate.
Geographic Information Systems Course
GEO 426Principles of GIS3-4
or NRE 423 GIS and Data Systems
Remote Sensing Course
Select one of the following:3-4
Remote Sensing/GIS Appl
Dgtl Image Proc/GIS Model
Remote Sensing & Photogram
NRRM 433GIS/RS in Natural Resources3
Total Credit Hours9-11

GIScience Courses

BSC/PS 410Remote Sensing/GIS Appl4
BSC/PS 411Dgtl Image Proc/GIS Model4
CE 241Introduction to Geomatics3
GEO 110Basic GIS1
GEO 111Air Photos & Satellite Imagery1
GEO 112Smartphone GPS1
GEO 426Principles of GIS4
GEO 429Location Analysis and GIS4
GEO 430Environmental Raster GIS4
GEO 431Remote Sensing & Photogram4
GEO 432Enterprise GIS3
GEO 433GPS & Mobile Geospatial Tech3
GEO 490Internship (must be GIScience approved by adviser to qualify)3
GLY 212Geologic Field Methods3
NRE 423GIS and Data Systems3
NRE 470 Bison image ES Internship (must be GIScience approved by adviser to qualify)3
NRE 491 Bison image ES Senior Capstone (Senior Project II) (must be GIScience approved by adviser to qualify)3
MIS 340Intro to Database Mgt Systems3
NRE 322Assess I: Terrestrial Systems4
NRE 323Assessment II: Aquatic Ecology4
Special Topics courses as approved by the GIScience Curriculum Committee.
Independent Study courses as approved by the student’s adviser in consultation with the GIScience Curriculum Committee.