Academic Plan

 Bison icon - General Education Course

 Mortarboard Icon - Milestone course: a key success marker for your major. See your advisor to discuss the importance of this course in your plan of study.

Each student should meet with his/her faculty advisor early in the program to develop an individual plan of study since requirements will vary for different professional schools, desired major, and academic preparation. The following is a suggested schedule for Pre-Engineering majors.

In the tables that follow, the following notation is used:

  • R = required 
  • A = see advisor

Math ACT 19-22 (SAT 460-530)

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENG 101 Bison image Beginning Composition (R) 3
ENGR 103 Freshman Engineering Seminar (R) 1
MTH 127 Bison image
or MTH 130 Bison image
College Algebra-Expanded (R) (Placement is based on ACT/SAT math scores.)
or College Algebra
SFT 235 Bison image Intro to Occup Safety (CT) (A) 3
FYS 100 First Yr Sem Critical Thinking (A) 3
UNI 102 Strat for Academic Success (R) 1
 Credit Hours14-16
Second Semester
MTH 132 Bison image Precalculus with Sci Applica (R) 5
CHM 111 Foundations of Chemistry (R) 3
Option: Core II Course (CT) (A) 3
Core II Fine Arts (A) 3
Core II Communications (A) 3
 Credit Hours17
 Total Credit Hours31-33