Engineering Transfer Program

 Bison icon - General Education Course

 Mortarboard Icon - Milestone course: a key success marker for your major. See your advisor to discuss the importance of this course in your plan of study.

Academic Plan

Each student should meet with his/her faculty advisor early in the program to develop an individual plan of study since requirements will vary for different professional schools, desired major, and academic preparation. However, the course sequences described below represent a typical plan of study for engineering transfer students planning to major in one of the major engineering branches: civil engineering (CE), chemical engineering (ChE), computer engineering (CpE), industrial engineering (IE), electrical engineering (EE), or mechanical engineering (ME). Students who have a Math ACT of less than 24 must take CHM 111 Foundations of Chemistry before CHM 211 Principles of Chemistry I.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredit Hours
MTH 229 Bison image Calculus/Analytic Geom I (CT) 5
ENG 101 Bison image Beginning Composition 3
CHM 211 Bison image Principles of Chemistry I 3
CHM 217 Bison image Principles of Chem Lab I 2
ENGR 103 Freshman Engineering Seminar 1
ENGR 104 The Engineering Profession 1
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
MTH 230 Bison image Calculus/Analytic Geom II 4
ENGR 111 Engineering Computations 3
CHM 212 Bison image
& CHM 218 Bison image
Principles Chemistry II
and Principles of Chem Lab II 1
ENGR 102 Introduction to CAD 2
Core II Humanities or Core II Social Science 3
 Credit Hours17
Second Year
First Semester
MTH 231 Bison image Calculus/Analytic Geom III 4
ENGR 213 Statics 3
PHY 211 Bison image University Physics I 4
PHY 202 Bison image General Physics I Laboratory 1
ENGR 201 Circuits I 1 4
Select one of the following: 3
Advanced Composition  
Engr Cost Analysis & Economy 1  
 Credit Hours19
Second Semester
MTH 335 Ordinary Diff Equations 3
ENGR 214 Dynamics 3
PHY 213 Bison image University Physics II 4
PHY 204 Bison image General Physics 2 Laboratory 1
ENGR 222
Engr Cost Analysis & Economy 1
or Engineering Thermodynamics
ENGR 216
Mech of Deformable Bodies 1
or Circuits II
 Credit Hours17
 Total Credit Hours68