Engineering Management, Accelerated Master's Degree

Accelerated Master's Degree In Engineering with a Major in Engineering Management

Contact:  Dr. Isaac Wait, Chair

Undergraduates accepted to an Accelerated Master’s Degree program can begin taking master’s level classes while still in the undergraduate program. Up to 12 graduate credits can be used to fulfill requirements for both the undergraduate and the master’s degrees, effectively reducing the cost of, and time to, degree. Graduates of this program will be prepared for direct entry into the job market or continuation of graduate study towards a Ph.D or other professional program.

The existing degree requirement for the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (B.S.C.E.) is 124 credit hours, which includes ENGR 451 Intro to Proj Management (3 credit hours), two Civil Engineering electives (6 credit hours) and one technical elective (3 credit hours). Engineering Management AMD students would be permitted to take the graduate level EM 660 Project Management in place of ENGR 451, and EM 668 Operations Management in place of the Technical Elective. AMD students would also be permitted to take two graduate‐level ENGR, CE, or ENVE courses that are approved in advance by their academic advisor that will count in place of the Civil Engineering electives required by the B.S.C.E. degree, and that will be counted towards elective courses required for the M.S.E.‐EM degree.

Eligibility Requirements for Accelerated Master’s Degree Program

  • completed at least 90 hours toward the bachelor’s degree;
  • at least a 3.30 overall undergraduate GPA;
  • at least a 3.30 GPA in the major;