Allied Arts, B.A. (Art)


Allied Arts Major Requirements: 78-81 credit hours.A minimum of 120 credit hours is required for the degree. 

Students in “Allied Arts” will declare a primary field of art or theatre and fulfill the emphasis area requirements for that field (51 credits). Students will also determine a secondary arts field of art, music, or theatre (may not duplicate their primary field) as their “allied” art and fulfill 27-30 credits in that area. With the assistance of an advisor/faculty mentor, students will create individualized secondary arts field curriculum plans based on the student’s career goals. The curriculum for the secondary field must include a mixture of applied/performance skill courses and academic courses for the student to acquire the professional skills and learning experiences needed for future success. Students must meet the basic entrance requirements for the B.A. degree in that major for both their primary and their secondary arts field.

Emphasis Area51
Allied Arts Area27-30
Outside Electives5-14
Total Credit Hours83-95