Digital Forensics Infor Assura (DFIA)

DFIA 445 Mobile and Web Pen Testing4 Credit hours   

This course is designed to teach students the advanced skills and techniques required to test mobile and web applications.

Pre-req: IST 264 and (CIT 352 or IST 362).

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
DFIA 454 Network Defense4 Credit hours   

An in-depth examination of the principles, strategies, and tools used to defend, detect, and respond to a variety of common network attacks.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
DFIA 461 Cyber Warfare3 Credit hours   

Broad examination of this new form of conflict including the role of nation states, the challenge of attribution, potential impact on the physical world, and current government policy and doctrine.

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode
DFIA 470 Internship3 Credit hours   

Internship in Digital Forensics and Information Assurance

Grade Mode: Normal Grading Mode